Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 deadly sins

Well, the hangover's finally gone away after 8 hours of drinking on Sunday. Good decisions there, considering the first day of my new job was this Monday--and I actually had to be there at 9. 

yeah, still sunny. we wanted an early, responsible night so we started at 4pm
Yep, I'm wearing hair extensions and went with a washed-out denim look with a vintage looking denim jacket. and bringing back the nose chain. All of it covered in puke after. Then I remembered that Polly Polish was doing the nail art theme this month, appropriately "7 deadly sins" (wouldn't that be the LAMEST goth band name ever?) and somehow put this shit together in the crappiest nail art ever, which yes, I wore to the office my first day as I slurred and tripped over myself.

From left to right (excluding thumbs):
Wrath: red and clawlike, like the wrath my liver had
Lust: shitty (too drunk to do this) corset lacing over "wrath's" design
Greed: gold for gold, red for blood. Kill the rich!
Gluttony: two pinkies. oh man. I tried to do the fuzzy manicure and added some jewels. These two nails were such a pain they were a direct punishment for my gluttony for beer
Pride: gold and black... i couldn't think of anything
Envy: I did a thin line of gold to reflect the gold  of the "prideful" nail. It's pretty deep if you're drunk enough.
Sloth: Black cause I was too slothful to do anything else with it.

What a drunken mess. Check out other, sober, better responses to the challenge:


  1. laughing my arse off that you did this drunk! so fitting for the theme!

  2. "it's pretty deep when you're drunk" That's too funny!