Friday, April 12, 2013


Sale season is pretty much over these days. But a few things are still priced to MOVE MOVE MOVE online. I got most of these at Dolls Kill, but these brands are kind of everywhere and they're all on sale here there everywhere. Dolls Kill is pretty friendly to Polyvore.

First up, a tumblr-core trend that started a few months back: cuss words. I had a friend who worked a merch table at a few metal shows all across the country and I asked her which t-shirts sold the best. Answer: the ones with cuss words. Yours, now on sale. hopefully on sale, never to return. lol i wish.

XXXX you!!

Graphic top

$31 -


Fuck You Tie Dye T Shirt [P]
$15 -

Next up we've got the Satanic Panic collection. This was a trend I clearly liked at the time. (militant atheist me still does, actually)

satanic panic

Beaded sweater


Black knit sweater

T shirt


T shirt
$15 -

McSatan T Shirt [B]
$15 -

Next up, dresses I like. I think I actually might get the Widow/Lip Service dress with the suspenders. I've been wanting a suspender dress for years.
dresses i like


Cameo Bandit Dress

Next up, 2 dresses that are pretty disappointing and a skirt I'm not a fan of. First, the Lip Service dress, far left. Lip Service--I love Lip Service--but there are perfectly good dresses that they ruin by putting cheap-looking pleather. black pleather is passable, but colored pleather always looks cheap. And it's so uncomfortable to wear on bare skin. Sigh. Next up is the UNIF dress with the harness. You guys don't know how much I wanted to like this dress. This is a knock-off off an All Saints dress from almost 3 years ago (who probably knocked that off from someone too). I was at a going-out-of-business sale in NYC that had this exact UNIF dress (yes they have it in black at the site below) and it was on sale for like 15 dollars. If you zoom in on the below, you'll notice how wonky the neckline is. It's supposed to be a halter neckline but it's so saggy baggy I didn't get it for 15. No one else did either... plenty to be had. Next one is a high-low skirt I'm kind of not too keen on... but now that I'm looking at it.... what do you guys think?

dresses i don't



High waist skirt

next up, some cut-out dresses. I bought a fashion pattern book for wrap and drape fashion (basically stuff you can do with rags... cause you know I like them rags) and there was a million patterns for stuff like the dress on the right. By the way, the one on the right is the most ridiculously easy DIY ever. When I got the book like 5 years ago, I kind of liked it but was like "yeah right who would walk around like that"... but I'm seeing this everywhere these days. I guess sales items aren't always dying trends.

Anyone hit some good sales????


cutout by ahp259 featuring a bustier dress

Bustier dress


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  1. I'm loving the Fuck Off t-shirts.
    I have tights that say the same thing. ;D