Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lookbook: some cool looks

Hey everyone! Been super busy--between running my games, playing games, going to some Star Trek promo events, and working late, I haven't been online too much! But I did want to share a few looks that I liked on

really like her hair+attitude

Kinda an Ophelia thing going on here. Love the top and her hair (and photo too!)
believe it: same person as Ophelia above. She's so versatile. love the collar/harness thing on this corset from Dracula Clothing. Check out Rabbit Heart's LB profile here: 
really, do I need to say anything here?
earrings (forever 21), septum, makeup look awesome
aw man that scarf. for serious. It's a DIY-- sorry guys. 
everything is so awesome.

violetta (or violet... or whatever she calls herself these days has been my inspiration forever)
a little too TumblerCore but lol this shirt. 

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