Friday, June 7, 2013

Red and Black Week: Recap

Well, it's the final day. First, my trademark red-lip look which is red mac lipstick with Tony and Tina superfine glitter (I don't even know if they're around anymore...I bought the thing like, omg, ten years ago) it's amazingly sparkly... like a hologram or drag queen. 

But mostly, I wanted to recap this week, since I won't be blogging tomorrow. Sorry for the entries that haven't posted yet.

Cool Stripes:

Cool Props:

The B+N edition of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe (I know there's one more!!!! I couldn't find you!! I also have this edition and was going to take a picture of it):

Cool Umbrellas:

And my favorite looks:

I'm weeping. I can't do the rockabilly look... so this isn't wearable for me. but LOOK AT IT
I STILL can't get over that this is a prom dress. I love this love this.
love love the lacy pattern over the skirt... i'm totally trying this.

And finally, I thought this week was missing some vampires. so now we've got that covered:

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  1. Thank you for the mention!
    I love the lips and the nails ;)

  2. I love that you shared your favorite posts from this week! I always hope this event will help Goth bloggers all learn more about each other and spread the word about everyone's blogs, and your post is perfectly in line with that philosophy. And I'm honored that you included me in your favorite looks!

    Thank you so much for joining in this event and for sticking with it ALL six days! I think we'll all be ready for a break tomorrow, but it's sure been fun. :D

  3. Thank you for including me! :)

  4. I can't get over your nails - totally jealous. :o)

  5. Awesome post, I's nice that you collected your favorte post of the week, it reminds me how much fun it was! Thank you so much for featuring my outfit!!

    And, of course, you're right, there is no Red and Black Week without vampires! ;)

  6. Thanks for mentioning me! :) Your fangs look really good, by the way. This is a neat idea. Maybe I'll do a recap next year too. It seems like a really nice thing to do to celebrate the other people who've taken part.

  7. That vampire picture is really cool!

  8. I actually have that leatherbound edition of the complete works of Poe :3 Lovely post by the way ^^