Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shadowrun and other geekery

(First off, if you're one of the few people who don't know what tabletop gaming is...it's basically when you sit around and tell stories/play pretend with your friends according to a set of rules. World of Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer... etc.)

Not sure I mentioned this before, but I recently concluded GMing my Dresden Files tabletop roleplaying game. I'm always happy when a game finishes because the story's done and not when players or the GM goes crazy and quits. One of my favorite players, the one who loves wild and crazy ideas and wackiness, decided to start up a Shadowrun game.

Shadowrun is a game set in a classically cyberpunk setting. Corporations rule, the divide between the rich and poor is insane, Judge Dredd-style building complexes, anarchy, corruption, cybernetic implants, commlinks... you get the idea. BUT there's also mages, vampires, orcs, trolls, etc in addition to humans.

made at dolldivine.com

 I'm playing the 27-year-old vampire (being a vampire is illegal in the Shadowrun universe), Cosette LeClaire, who works in her parent's shop. Her parents are controlling and, yes, she still lives with them. She's not prim and proper, despite her parents' wishes. She has a novaCoke (basically cocaine) addiction and is dating the leader of a gang. Truly her parents' daughter, she started her own business---but she's smuggling illegal cybernetics out of the LeClaire business warehouse. She's got one yellow eye and one green one, the green one is also a laser eye used for intimidation. Her skin is made of solid gold (except her face and hands). Her attire is steampunk--it's obvious she comes from money. Her main weapon is a bunch of sharp gears she has near her corset (I tend to have very cliche weapons for my character... it's kind of a trademark now) that she throws like throwing knives. it's basically the throwing anus.

First session went well... the GM was really enthusiastic and open to any of our ideas and rewarded us for staying in character and roleplaying--all great qualities for a GM. Too often, I have GMs who would say no to your ideas or fuck you over somehow.

The game requires normal 6-sided dice...which I amazingly don't have. So I bought some....I bought the teeny tiny dice that are 5mm wide. the 30 set:

so adorable!!!
Since I bought some dice, I also went searching for dice bags on etsy. I saw this AWESOME bag. Scalemail. Yes. I can't wait till it comes in. Sorry, I got the black one. Check out the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Crystalsidyll?ref=seller_info.

Any other roleplayers out there? Shadowrun players?


  1. I play tabletop games since I was 14, mainly D&D, Vampire and Warhammer, but I tried a bunch of other universes for fun. Shadowrun is quite interesting. We're thinking about starting a new campaign soon and the party wants something new, so I might suggest Shadowrun...:)

    1. So far it's pretty cool. it's very similar to world of darkness. the character creation process is extremely complicated, so much that there's a freeware program--Chummer--to help you out.