Monday, December 23, 2013

merry christmas!

Hope you've all been good.

I've actually never celebrated Christmas, but this year, we decided why not? I always wanted a tree and the whole shebang. I called my mom and let her know that I have a real christmas tree--to which she replied, "That's so cool. I always wanted one too." facepalm. Apparently in Russia they had "new year's" trees but she never had one.
behold!! also that floating stuff is my work atop a coffee table...i see there's strange things going on with the perspective.
The last few days were a blur of christmas magic...and here in NYC it's been in the high 60s. Unseasonably warm: some people were doing their shopping without coats. some in T-shirts. Some photos

YEAH that looks legit. CONTACT LENSES next to fake rolexes and bongs and dick cream.
Christmas shopping in SoHo
outfit shot

taxidermy at Evolution. I bought some porcupine quills btw

guy playing piano in the street

an artist I bookmarked for myself--he does like "naturalist" paintings, but they're really bizarre. Maybe do a post on this.

outfit shot at the alessi store. had to. the lighting was too perfect. 

drinks at a local bar. I take pictures of bathrooms when I'm drunk.

christmas tree at the met museum

a piece of the original crucifixion Cross, so they say. They also say there's enough pieces of the Cross to make an entire forest.

the iconic Rockefeller Center tree. This is as close as we were willing to go. 
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you guys are having fun.


  1. Love the outfit - I hope your first Christmas is a good one!

  2. Cool! We´ve also never celebrated xmas, like in any russian family you have the new year tree, we´ve always had it, I love the new year :)
    You look so cool!!!!! Love the pentagram earrings!!

    1. so strange...none of our family friends had trees either. I think russians in the US don't have trees because it's too associated with christianity or something (we are all russian-jews). I can't believe this is the first i'm hearing of this new year's tree. MOM! why didn't we have a tree!?