Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recent Hypes

Haven't done one of these in a while. Here's a few looks that I liked on lookbook.

White and moons and cutaway boots. My 2014 predictions are already coming true.

How awesome is this shirt? Also like this jumper skirt...I'm seeing a lot of people pulling this off

Golden Ghost
Lol I love dinosaurs. Fun fact: I wanted to be a paleontologist

Of course, Violet E. looking fabulous. That jumper skirt looks awesome. I've seen it on the hanger and walked past it a hundred times, thinking, this stupid thing. but this is a GREAT way to wear it.

Today's interpretation of the 90s is sometimes cooler than the real thing

Romeo's Distress
HMMM I wonder why I liked this one.

Ninja Outfit
Very NYC

And if you thought she couldn't look more NYC...


  1. If you're into dinosaurs, have you ever noticed dinosaur skeleton jewellery? I picked up a gold coloured dinosaur skeleton pendant at one of those cheap and ubiquitous jewellery shops recently. I call it Ducky, looks like an iguanodon.
    I'm glad you were right about the moons. :) They're a great motif.

    1. Sounds like an awesome necklace! haha...why ducky? and yeah, I'd love me a dino-necklace

    2. Iguanadons/iguanodons (?) are often described as 'duck-billed' :P These necklaces seem to be around in a lot of places at the moment.

  2. "Today's interpretation of the 90s is sometimes cooler than the real thing" I agree.
    I love the spider bolo tie ;)

    1. lol if I stare at it long enough I might start shopping for bolo ties

  3. Yeah, the cut out boots recently appear here in Berlin as well, also those hard material bag packs... I used to go crazy over dinosaurs when I was little too!!! I had a book in russian illustrated so nicely about all the prehistoric era of nature, I still have it in my mom´s house :)

    1. sounds lovely! I love artists' interpretation of prehistoric life--really makes it come alive more so than staring at some rock impressions (don't get me wrong, I love the fossils too, but my romance with the prehistoric eras also began with books). But in other news, hard backpacks? I haven't seen any in NYC yet. I bet now I'm going to start seeing them...

  4. I love all the dino stuff! Also I think I'm gonna need a jumperskirt now.