Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fall/pre-fall '14: goth on the runway

Just wanted to share a few goth/dark fashion runway looks I'd liked from Fall/pre-fall '14. Commentary below each photo.
Katie Gallagher RTW Fall 2014

Another from the line. 
I've never heard of Katie Gallagher, but I really liked the look of these wearable styles. Actually, this is kind of what I wear to the office every day. Nu goth for the office, I'd say. 
Marc by Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2014
Was really surprised to see this traditional silhouette, which I thought was out of style. It's lovely here, kind of like a grownup gothic lolita.  Love the capelet
Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi RTW Fall 2014
G-g-g-ghostly white was everywhere. I'm loving this and would love to see more. I especially like how tattered it looks. 

Dion Lee RTW Fall 2014 (Australian designer, btw)
Ex cybergoth me is loving the freakin mirrors on this thing. Probably beads. 

Valentino pre-fall 2014
A few years ago, I saw a girl in Williamsburg who had the Amish-goth look down. I know it doesn't sound like it would be cool (she wore something like the above, but it was floor-length) but it was seriously the most unique goth look I'd ever seen. I was inspired to make an amish-goth look myself, but it wasn't as cool. 
Dawid Tomaszewski RTW Fall 2014 
I feel like the long horse-hair-looking jackets are going to be big. 

Ann Yee RTW Fall 2014 
How cool is this? This reminds me of the strange Panda goths. I don't have the grace or poise to pull this off, but still. 
KTZ RTW Fall 2014

same line as above.

I dont' know how this designer can see into my soul. First off: those boots! omg. And the first look is like a cybergoth Inquisitor. I've been thinking of Inquisition-themed looked (y'know, since we bought all those crosses last year!). Needs to be gold crosses though. As for the second one, I don't know how this designer could see into my soul, but this is exactly the kind of vaguely-ethnic/almost-scifi look I was thinking of. 

Herm├Ęs RTW Fall 2014
Another horsehair-looking jacket. 
MT Costello RTW Fall 2014
Before I knew what Jill Tracy actually looked like, I always pictured her in something like this. Piano lounge/starlet goth needs to be a thing. Not my thing, since I don't have this kind of beauty. But somebody, somewhere. Also, I guess more of the cut-out dresses are coming our way. I'm cool with that. I liked those. Still have to get one.

Which one's your favorite?


  1. I really love that last gown! :D

    1. yeah and the hair and the makeup...the whole thing.

  2. Wow, some of these are truly gorgeous. I love the horsehair stuff and the Marc Jacobs capelet and those boots...the inquisitor outfit is awesome. I'm not a fan of cutout dresses, but this last gown is pretty as well.

    As for the first two sets with the skater skirts, I find them very convenient. I love wearing easy looks like those and I'd be glad if they'll become legit office - wear this season...! :)

    1. yeah, I couldn't get enough of that horsehair stuff! since winter doesn't seem to be ending soon, might be time to go shopping for one, heh.

  3. The skirt with tulle coming out the bottom is awesome!

    1. yeah...truth be told the tulle sold me on posting that pic

  4. Good god, this is looking to be a stunning season. I don't think there's a single aspect I dislike. Excellent collection!

    Something that popped into my head when I re-emerged on tumblr recently; are you an Eliza Gauger fan? She did the problem glyphs I posted about a month or so ago, and does a lot of cyberpunk and dystopian art you'd love. I'm contemplating featuring her again on my blog. Also, if you're feeling like inquisitor fashion, do investigate Alexander McQueen's 2013 pre-autumn/winter collection - http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/experience/en/alexandermcqueen/archive/womens-pre-autumnwinter-2013/

  5. Got to love the shoes in the third pic as well! I love the bell skirts, they look comfy and not too childish but still kind of loose... but everything else I couldn´t like so forgive me :)

    1. yeah I love those shoes too! lol no worries. I know you're not a fan of these Fashion with a capital "F" posts!

  6. I love them all. My fave is the one you call Amish goth, but I refer to as mod goth. The purple/blue lipstick is pretty.

    1. er, the one I called amish was the Valentino one and the mod one/panda one was the Ann Yee one. totally agree with the lipstick! it makes the whole look

    2. Yep, the Valentino looks very Mod to me, luv it.