Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Red + Black Week: Nails

Welcome back for another nail edition of Red+Black week. Last year I did a stamping set, and this year I'm going to go for a classic red almond nails paired with black rings. (check out my ring collection here)

fancy goth

modern goth

Here are a few other solid red pointed nails + black (tattoos, henna, rings, bracelets) I found on tumblr:

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Friday, May 23, 2014

New Hair / Officewear

So, shaved my head earlier this week. Just got tired of my hair. It also kept breaking, so even though it was growing, it kept staying at a bob length. I kind of want a fresh start with healthy hair.

The only downside to shaving your head is making small talk about it at the office. "Did you do it for summer?" No... "Do you like it?" Yes, that's why I did it. "You have a nice skull" I suppose I do. "I wish I could shave my head" So do it... "You look like Sinead O'Connor" Yes, I suppose so. Eh, I don't care...nothing too interesting happens at the office. When someone gets a haircut, it's literally the most exciting thing that's happened in months.

Unfortunately, I kind of have to "retire" a few wardrobe items for a while. For a shaved head, I think more structured/fitted garments look better. A shaved head looks perfect all the time, so it seems more balanced to have the rest of your outfit look polished as well. I also like having no hair because it shows off my earrings and other piercings.

Here are two looks I wore to the office this week:

t-shirt: forever 21; pleated skirt: american apparel; necklace from this post

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY to-do pile

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Of course, our subculture is extremely DIY, with roots in youth culture/underground etc. Most of the time I see something I like, think "I want that!" but it's too expensive for what it is. See: harness trend. Other times I go to a raw materials shop and think "this thing is cool...I'll think of something." So here's my DIY to-do list.

Leather harness
I DIYed a harness look (the one in my profile picture, post here) but always wanted the real leather deal. The super complicated ones I like are like $200-300. Sewing leather is a bitch, but I learned a bit about working with leather and glue from my shoemaking class, that I think I'm going to forgo sewing and just glue the thing together. I bought the hardware (circle rings, D-rings) years ago...hope I can find them!

Something with this holographic sticker paper 

I was wandering around Chinatown and found Cyberpunk heaven. It was a plastic raw material shop selling clear and NEON and holographic plastics and rolls of this self-adhesive cyber wallpaper. I bought this during the hologram trend thinking I'd maybe make an envelope clutch from this DIY