Monday, June 9, 2014

Crocheted Lace Parasols - Tutorial

So, in the fall, I tried my hand at crochet to make a crochet chain scarf (seen here, though I should make a dedicated outfit post!), but I also want to try scalemail (with yarn) but hadn't made much progress in that. Then I was at my mom's and saw my grandma's old doilies and then I wanted to do that. And then I saw this youtube DIY parasol, which is basically a GIANT doily on an umbrella. Not sure how useful her design is at actually blocking the sun, but with a more compact pattern, this seems like such a great idea!


  1. I love crocheted stuff! I haven't got very good at it, I might have to try to learn again. I'd like to make crochet flowers. I also want to start knitting again, I have some things I want to make.

    1. i just bought some knitting needles. Wish I had some time for all these 1000s of hobbies i keep picking up!

  2. You are right, there is no proper shadow with that video's parasol, but it is darn pretty! :) I do hope you get to make your own crocheted parasol or some other diy project, it seems like fun.