Saturday, February 13, 2016

Make your own music videos: Triller

Wow I'm excited to share with you an app I tried out, Triller, that lets you make your own music videos! If, like me, you've always wanted to make them but didn't want to sit around for hours and hours editing footage, you'll love this.  And what's amazing is that they've got EVERYTHING. Even 90s German industrial bands. I was worried they were just going to have top 40 stuff.

After commenting (ranting?) on DeusXMachina's post on goth bands she hates, I knew I had to do Wumpscut's Dr. Todt as my first video. with its repetitive lyrics, the video made itself.

The app doesn't explain how to use itself, and it wasn't intuitive. First, you pick your song. The way they get around the lawsuits is that you can only make 15-30 second videos, and you don't get to pick which 15-30 seconds from the song you'd like to use. So you might like a guitar solo 3 minutes in the song, but Triller only has 30 seconds of the chorus. Kind of sucks, but whatever.

Then you record a full "take" of video. For the full 30 seconds (or 15 or whatever). It has to be one long take. So for the :Wumpscut: video, I took three takes: 30 seconds of my hand doing whatever, 30 seconds of my face in the mask, and 30 seconds of my plushie bacterium.

Then you hit the button on the lower right, and it randomly cuts up and splices your takes together. You don't get to cut/edit yourself, which will not make people who want full control of their editing happy, but for doing a quick video to upload onto instagram, it's awesome. If you don't like one edit, you can try again with another edit until you find something you like.

There are various filters you can use. I used a color filter for the Nine Inch Nails video I did below with things around my apartment. It isn't hard making a 90s industrial video, really.

There are other effects you can use, and you can use switch them up for takes. Here's a Roy Orbinson video I made while doing the laundry. They had a "Brooklyn" filter, but I also used the slow-mo for the take of walking through my lobby.

There's truly a variety of songs. I asked my husband for the most obscure thing, and he picked a delta blues song, and there it was. In the video I've got his two guitars and my fish tank (for the delta, lol)

I have an andriod. Not sure if it's on iphone.  I highly, highly recommend this app. It is awesome. 


  1. I liked all of the videos!!! cool app, too bad you don´t get to edit the takes but it looks like fun, I will try it. loved the last song and video, nice blues.

  2. SUPERB. I will definitely be trying this.