Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where I go for style inspiration online

Haute Macabre: Like for real, this is the best dark fashion site on the internet. It's higher-end and sophisticated, and they've got awesome sales alerts. These guys are the thought leaders of the blogosphere, and if they post something, you'll see it everywhere else months later....with one exception....

Honestly WTF: This is not a dark fashion site, but this has a lot of trends and the most amazing editorials. And if there's something dark, it'll show up on Haute Macabre a few weeks later. Great DIYs too.

Alt Black Girls: What no one's writing about (me included, I suppose) is the enthusiasm and originality in dark fashions found in the black community. While some of the photos on this tumblr are clearly from fashion editorials, sometimes whoever's curating this tumblr reblogs some cool street fashion photos that are more original than the 10000 witchy nugoth look we've seen. don't let the domain name fool you. This is another tumblr. They're the lucky bastards who bought the domain name and also the reason why my feed is oversaturated with witchy looks. I think the kids are all about the "new goth" these days, and this one is still the best out there.

Dolls Kill: aka the flash fashion edgy superstore. I love how many new brands and looks they have all the time. (I don't really shop here because I try not to buy things that are aren't wearable for everyday looks, but i come here to "window-shop")

I'm definitely looking for more places to check out / window shop, so please recommend below!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Update: Lip Service is dead

Update: I'm concluding Lip Service is dead. The website is down, the instagram has been deleted, twitter and facebook haven't been updated since 11/15. I tried emailing Widow's customer service (the widow site, btw is still live) and the email BOUNCED. They are still selling clothing on the site and the customer service email is DEAD. Wow! Here is the only statement I found on the matter from someone with more authority than myself, an alternative clothing retailer, Never Coast Clothing: