Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017 Trend Recap

It's that time of year again, where I recap the 2017 trends. Are you gluing things to your forehead? Check out the 2016 Recap. Wondering where the septum jewelry and braids are? Why, they are in the 2015 Recap!

Accessories Trend of the Year: Ethnic Jewelry
Details, coins, bellydance, bollywood--if it jangles and weighs a ton, it's good.

Makeup Trend of the Year: Highlighting the inner corners of your eye
Once corrective makeup for narrow-set eyes, now everyone's doing it!

Clothing Trend of the Year: Cold Shoulder tops
I did a post on these!

Trendiest Trend Your Nongoth Friends Told You About: Charcoal everything
"Did you know they make goth ice cream???" 2017 is the year everyone ate/drank/stuck charcoal up their butts.

Style Icon of the Year: Larissa Urique
Most of my 2017 trend recap is basically a deconstruction of her outfits. I love her.

Brand of the Year: Lush
This was the year for dumb trendy skincare products, from charcoal masks to bath bombs and K-beauty. While most people weren't getting "brand" items and mostly DIY or thrifting, Lush always popped up on my feeds. Yes I was rolling my eyes the 1000000th time I saw this in my Instagram feed:

Honorable mention: Kat Von D

Did I miss anything???

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