Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dark Fashion NYC: Dos and Don'ts

If you are like me, you like to dress like a local whenever you visit a new place. If you are planning to visit New York City, where I live, you should just come with an empty suitcase, because the shopping here is pretty awesome. But seriously, here are my Dos and Don'ts for wearing dark fashion in NYC.

DO: Wear black, and only black

It kind of sucks wearing dark fashion in NYC, because literally the entire city wears black all the time. If not all black, then neutrals. If I see anyone in color, it's usually a tourist. The city is dirty and anything that isn't black turns black soon lol.

DON'T: Wear "goth brands"

In general, the outfits are classic and European. Most people dress up--you'll see more pants and skirts than jeans and sweatshirts. People who wear anything else are suburban kids here for the weekend or tourists. You do not want to appear like these people. Dark fashion people in NYC shop at the same stores as everyone else, and actual designer runway fashion is easy to come by if you know where to go and when to shop. You can buy the original Rick Owens that Killstar knocked off for almost the same price. Your jacket will look like it costs $3000 instead of $10, and you will still be paying the same $100. That's why we look awesome here. Wear your black H&M clothes with some goth accessories, and you'll be good.

Rick Owens

DO: Wear shoes that will protect you from rain/garbage water

It rains a lot here, and the garbage piles and terrible drainage will damage your shoes.

DON'T: Wear shoes you can't walk in

You know how else I can tell who is a tourist? They can't walk. This is the thing about NYC--we walk very very fast here. If you can't keep up with the stampede, you will have a miserable time. If you don't have shoes you can run in, you should not come to NYC.

DO: Be original

The best thing about living in NYC is being able to wear your strangest pieces and try out different style "concepts." If you don't fit a mold, you'll actually fit in. That's why all the weirdos love it here! If you look too stereotypically anything, even if you look ON POINT, you'll get the tourist eyeroll from me and everyone. Sorry, Black Friday and Victoria Lovelace and the other stereotypical goths. You guys look awesome, but won't impress any NYers. We are in the consumer capital of the world and are literally not impressed by anything except originality. 

DON'T: Have fancy hair and makeup

The other thing about locals in New York: we don't have money. We can't afford to go to a hairstylist every month for upkeep. No one has on-point hair. There are a few basic cuts and a few basic colors. When I see foiled highlights and a trendy haircut, I know that person is a tourist from the Midwest or South, where the hairdressers are better and don't cost $70-$500, depending on the cut or color. Makeup is another thing: most people don't wear heavy makeup unless they are going to a special party. I can't tell you why. Maybe people don't have the space or money for this, or don't want to be catcalled.

How should a dark fashion person dress in your city?

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