Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Budget Gift Ideas

The holidays are around the corner and maybe things are tight this year or you've got a lot of people to buy for. Here are a few ideas for budget-friendly gifts that I have given that are thoughtful and have been enjoyed:

1. Magazine subscriptions: I always get this for my in-laws, who seem to have a new hobby or adventure each year. Mom knits? Vogue Knitting ($20). Brother-in-law's a dapper gentleman? Esquire ($15). Best friend's working on a novel? Poets&Writers ($16). It's thoughtful, and every month when they get a magazine in the mail, they'll think of you. The only downside is that it takes FOREVER to get that first issue. I think if you sign up now, you'll probably get the first issue in 6 weeks or more--so this is good for your family that lives in another state, or get a card letting them know to expect their first issue in January or February.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How I Wear Capes

"Hey! You dressed up for Halloween?" Sigh, it was actually halloween weekend when I took this shot. Worst time to dress goth.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trend: Curated Ear

"Curated" ear, "constellation" piercings, or whatever buzzword they are going by these days is the trend of getting a bunch of piercings throughout the ear. It's different from the "ear projects" of old because it's more mainstream. "Ear projects" often had custom jewelry and industrials and stretched lobes/cartilage, whatever. It was meant to be extreme: