Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Poser talk

I'm taking a stand and letting you know what makes someone a goth, as per this challenge and re "world goth day" posts (and how corp goth was that sentence)

I spent a really lame (...or awesome?) saturday night watching goths call each other posers on youtube.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trend: Macrame

So as I've been faithfully reporting, the fashion gods have decided that we need 70s shit, so here it comes. Also I actually had some time to head to a few fast-fashion stores and noticed 1) damn, the 70s shit is here and 2) my 2014 trend prediction of unusual hair accessories doesn't seem to be a 2014 trend, but a 2015 trend. Maybe I'm so great at trend predictions, i'm TWO years ahead, baby. But that's another post for later.

So yeah, I saw a large amount of macrame stuff (a craft style that's based on knot-tying) at the stores. I feel like a few years ago that meant the trend is already over, but since those stores knock off runway fashion so quickly and efficiently, maybe it'll stay around.