Thursday, February 26, 2015

New York Style: Winter

I'm interested in what people around the world are wearing, so I'll post what the typical NYC person wears (in the winter, for now) with the hope that maybe you'll share what people wear in your city. All these pictures are from WWD street scene pictures.

NYC is the fashion capital of the USA, and all of our major brands are here. With stores like Century 21, Beacon's closet, and numerous sample sales, you could get runway clothing ($500-$1000+)for fast-fashion prices ($10-$100). Also, no-name designers who knock-off runway clothing also work in NYC, so our typical dollar store and ghetto fashion store will have some trendy stuff (I've got a post on knock-off fashion scheduled for next week) Bottom line is you could look great for not a lot of money.

The most NYC outfit ever. black-on-black, classic shapes, timeless pieces

Thursday, February 12, 2015

'20s Finger Waves

A while back I styled my hair in finger waves for a model train show at the New York Botanical Gardens (read was awesome). Gardens, cocktails, ice sculptures (you know an event is fancy when there's ice sculptures), and model trains--I felt like dressing up. I really hate my hair right now...growing it out blows. So I decided to do some very 20s-30s finger waves. 
worn with my vintage Arts & Crafts-style earrings (read about them in this post)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: treasures from my geocities page

I've mentioned a few times that there are no pictures of me in high school and my early days because those were all on geocities. So, back in 2001, I made my first website on geocities. In 2009, geocities was deleted all the content gone. Maybe it was archived, but if it wasn't, tough luck. But I just found out that some people independently archived it. So if you want some old school magic, go to