Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Arts+Crafts Earrings

Silly me, I left my camera in Florida at my mom's house. So, shitty camera photos till it comes back. Just wanted to show two earrings I bought recently. 

From the seller:
Very much in the style of Mary Gage and Lillian Pines, this sterling silver and moonstone set of earrings is not signed for maker yet definitely belongs in the period the two artists were active. Beading and twist-rope wire ornamentation combine with foliate motifs and beautiful execution to create a stunning pair of dangles. The moonstones, another classic element for the style and period, add just the right amount of glow and subtle color to enhance the silver work. Measuring 2" long by just above 3/4" wide, the set weighs 17.3 grams and is simply signed "STERLING". I believe it dates in the 1930s-40s period and it is in excellent vintage condition with great patina and no flaws noted.
When I was looking for vintage moonstone jewelry (apparently the best bluish moonstones were mined about 100 years ago) I discovered the Arts & Crafts Movement, an arts movement between 1860 and 1910. In the US, it went on between 1910 and 1930. They used nature motifs and liked to have a raw, handmade--yet designed--look. It was a reaction to industrialization and mass-production and a return to craftsmanship. Like Art Nouveau, another style around the same time, jewelry artists liked to use semiprecious stones like moonstones, corals, amethysts, opals instead of faceted gems like diamonds. 

Since I spent all my money on the vintage statement earrings above, I also bought some rainbow moonstone sterling silver earrings ($11!! I love that site) from bodyartforms to match. 
I also bought the amethyst ones...

My ears are actually gauged at 4g and 8g. I'm wearing the studs in my 8g (normal earring backs would go right through a 4g hole). I was kind of worried that the vintage earrings would have normal earring backs, but thankfully, they were clip-ons! Lucky me!

I can actually wear these as pierced earrings since a 4g is big enough to fit the flared part through. Again, lucky break. 

Here's my current moonstone collection:
necklace post here


  1. Urgh - I am very jealous. I've read a little bit about the arts and crafts movement, but not seen a lot of their stuff; those earrings are too gorgeous.

    Interesting thing I've found, which your necklace reminded me of; LSD stuff is a dead ringer for bloodmilk. I've emailed both of them to ask, but didn't get a reply from either. Strange, and slightly suspicious.

    1. or bloodmilk is ripping off LSD. Both were around the same time, though LSD doesn't have the marketing budget (apparently) as bloodmilk--bloodmilk is all over my banner ads. I think LSD used moonstones first (when I began the hunt, seemed like they were the only game in town) but using taxidermy molds has been a thing for years now. either way, you can't copyright jewelry designs, so no one's done anything wrong.

    2. Yeah, I know - there's no point trying to get one of the two through the wringer, but were I to get something from either of the ranges I would prefer it to be by the original designer. Nonetheless, their recent collections have gone off in different directions, so it's probably been sorted privately.

  2. Wow, I love all that jewellery! Musn't buy any, musn't buy any... lol!

  3. I love how the earrings look worn together in your ear, and also that they are vintage.

  4. Are those sterling silver earrings? They really bring out the antique feel! It's a shame I can't wear these to work, they look so heavy!