Sunday, October 20, 2013

Etsy Review: Little Sister Designs

So, way back in June I did a post on moonstones. Most of the rings and necklaces were from this etsy seller based out of New Zealand, Little Sister Designs. lol I broke down and got this moonstone necklace with raven claws (not actual raven claws) in the shape of a moon (come on! how awesome) despite the $200+ price tag. The seller was nice enough to accommodate a payment plan and was really responsive. The piece itself is really well made. It's probably my favorite necklace right now. And now... picture dump...more after the jump:
cool box! and chocolate?
closeup...the stone has a nice iridescent glow 

the back

How I wear it...with my glow in the dark earrings and a bone pincer in my nose.

yeah...moonstone necklace and a MOON manicure