Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Goth Challenge: The Everyday Goth

Hey everyone,

Announcing a new blogging challenge from The Everyday Goth that I'm joining, in addition to the one I'm currently finishing.

  1. Post some pictures of a style you might wear if you didn't dress in Goth fashion, and talk about what attracts you to this style. 
  2. Do "a day in the life" of you. Take lots of pictures.
  3. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome on being a Goth? Talk about who or what have made being a Goth difficult for you. 
  4. Post a link to something you're saving up for. Threaten people so that they don't go buying it before you can.
  5. Write some goals for the coming year, blog or wardrobe or life related. Or, if you've done that, write about how they're coming along.
  6. Post some music you've been listening to lately, or make a playlist.
  7. Plan a meet up. You don't actually have to host it, but write about what you'd like to do if you could. Where would you go? How many people? What would you do?
  8. Plan a photo shoot. Who would model (you?) and what would the theme be? The clothes?
  9. How do you blog? Write a post on how post on your blog posts come about. What tools do you use, where do you find your visuals, how do you come up with your ideas?
  10. Ask for help with inspiration or problem-solving your in-progress DIY projects.
  11. How do you store your clothes, jewelry, and accessories? Does it work for you? Are you looking to make a change?
  12. Write about why you blog, and what it has done for you so far.
  13. Feature some other bloggers. What posts are you loving? Who is especially fabulous this week
  14. Confess: what stereotypically Goth things do you not like?
  15. Make some themed Polyvore sets, or sets based on life events. (What would you wear to go on vacation in Maui? What do you want to wear to your wedding? What would you wear to a job interview?)
  16. Give Babybats some advice you wish you'd had.
  17. "This Day in Goth History."
  18. Post about the little things in your life that you've "Gothed up."
  19. Make a Goth Bucket List. What Goth-related things do you want to do or see with your life?
  20. Write about the interests that seem to "clash" with being a Goth, and how they do or don't.
  21. What's in your DIY "to-do" pile? Or, what DIY materials have you still not found a purpose for?
  22. Name the stupidest piece of advice anyone has given to you about being a Goth. Counter it with some good ones.
  23. Post about your Goth-related collections. What are some things you want to add to it? Which are your favorites?
  24. List some of your Goth Idols. Who are they and why do they inspire you?
  25. Post your everyday make up routine, with product names.
  26. Do a "Lately" post of what you've been posting on other websites, like Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, or Tumblr.
  27. Dedicate an entire post to your favorite Goth song. Post a link to it, transcribe the lyrics, or talk about why you like it so much.
  28. Share plans for Halloween or another holiday.
  29. Take a stance: what makes someone a Goth? 
  30. Write about an article of clothing you've been wearing a lot lately. Post pictures.
  31. Review an old DIY you did. Is it still holding out? What, if anything, would you change if you were to do it again?
  32. If you're feeling creative, write some haikus (5-7-5 optional) about Goth things and share them. Bonus points for funny ones.
  33. Post some pictures of you (or your room, or your hobbies, etc.) at your least-Gothy. 
  34. Make a list of some things that, while they aren't Goth, you associate with the Goth subculture.
  35. Write a review of a particularly good book you've read recently, album you've bought, or movie you've seen. Or tear apart a bad one. 
  36. Take fashion inspiration from something you love (it can be as big as a historical period or small as a photograph you found on deviantArt.) Post about it. Include pictures and links.
  37. Talk about a political issue, make a case for why Goths should care.
  38. What are some of the things you consider essential for Goths to own?
  39. Post some recent reader mail or comments that have made you smile, and say thank you.
  40. List some blog topics you'd like other bloggers to post about. What issues do you want their opinions on?
  41. Talk about what kind of Goth-related Business you'd own if you could. Fashion, music, wedding planning? What would you do?
  42. Post a haul of things you've bought lately, or if you've made a haul lately show the items in action. 
  43. Write a bunch of funny responses to common Goth cat-calls. 
  44. Confess: What trends in Goth do you not like?
  45. List several silly Goth-related pet names, bonus if they're the actual names of your pets. 
  46. Write an open letter to someone, or groups of someones. It can be funny or serious, sweet or scathing.
  47. What traits in other Goths do you admire?
  48. Do you remember the first Goth song or band that you listened to? Did you like it? (Confession: I hatedSiouxsie and the Banshees when I first heard them...oops...)
  49. Post items of historical clothing or jewelry that you wish you owned.
  50. Describe a Goth-related website or blog that you wish existed. What is it, what features would it have. Is there anything out there that is close, and if so why isn't it right?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trend: shapeless black things

You know what I love? For real. Shapeless black things. looks great on men and women. if you're into unisex styles (I am).

don't know who the designer is. alas tumblr with nothing sourced.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Macabre Gadgets

Holy moly, did you see Ukraine-based designer Macabre Gadget's newest rings? The top-left one is my favorite. I love how HUGE these are.

Macabre Gadgets

 Ring, $400 / Vyhor Ring, $240 / Kryksy Ring, $400 / Vovkun Ring II, $400 / Viy Ring, $400 / Vovkun Ring II, $400


Monday, September 23, 2013

Leather Harnesses--still cool?

Remember the Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 show, with all the harnesses?
Amazing that was 2 years ago, right? 
and then came the imitations

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday night!

Eh some personal blogging--I prefer to keep this blog fashion-focused, but I don't know. I guess some personal blogging doesn't hurt here and there.

So, I wanted to see this band, the Crystal Stilts, but both shows were sold out in NYC. They were opening for Deerhunter, which I guess is a popular band. I wouldn't know. The Crystal Stilts are a local Brooklyn band, so I'm like NBD, they'll play again.  Well, apparently, they're going on a world tour. Who knows when they'll be back. Friday night, they were playing in Philadelphia, which is about 2 hours away by bus from NYC.

Of course, after the show, there'd be no place to stay, so we'd eventually just have to sleep outside somewhere until the bus left in the morning. We've done this gutterpunk BS before (this is how I know I married the right guy... only he'd say "yeah sure! sounds like a great idea!"). It wasn't about the band--they're good, but this isn't like NIN Woodstock '94--but an adventure! But the show was in a dodgy part of town and we'd be spending the night outside in one of the worst 'hoods in Philli, unless we wanted to take like a $50 cab ride to somewhere nicer. So much for that.

Well, if I couldn't see that generic brooklyn indie hipster band, I want to see SOME brooklyn indie hipster band. So I headed out to underground Bushwick music venue Shea Stadium. I haven't been there for years--Is the place still cool? Are all the kids going somewhere else these days?

Anyway, pictures of my friday night:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY pentagram garter! Elastic leg garter tutorial

lol so obviously simple you don't really need a tutorial. One of these days I'll get my sewing machine out of its box!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Colors

So, NYFW's covering spring looks...but summer hasn't even ended yet! For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you might want to look at Pantone's newly announced spring colors. (sorry: colours)

But I want to talk about fall. Here are the Pantone colors for fall 2013, and there'll be some looks after the jump.

What's Pantone? Well, it's basically the, um... only color company? Every that uses colors uses Pantone colors. You need something printed at a commercial printer? they're going to ask you for a Pantone color number. Ordering fabric from a textile manufacturer... going to need a pantone color for that too. I don't understand how they make their money.
Pantone Fall 2013 colors

Pantone Fall 2013 colors by ahp259 featuring a red sweater

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Read more about the challenge here.

Who doesn't love the corset look? Who doesn't love wearing them? Well, if you don't plan on eating that night, lol. I'm not going to bore my knowledgeable readers with facts about corsets (history, kinds of boning, etc) they already know. I'm going to cover how I, personally, wear them.

Corsets are feminine and look good with the more classic goth/aristocratic looks. They provide an almost armor-like structure to your look, which also looks great for industrial styles. Personally, I think they look better on curvier girls, but I do what I can with my no-curves.

First off, for my more traditional goth looks, this is my favorite stuff to wear underneath a corset. The shirt is from forever 21 (I think I got it in 1999ish) and is my favorite! The skirt was a hand-me-down from mom, from the 80s.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in my bag?

Read more about the challenge here.

Well, the original post was to write about what's in your MAKEUP bag, but I don't carry around a cosmetic bag. Everything's just floating around my bag. I also don't carry much makeup around... just a tube of lipstick and an eye pencil. I've got some foundation and a "foundation brush" aka a paintbrush waiting for me at work/home. Here's what's in my bag:

in my bag

Monday, September 9, 2013


So back on 8/2, I finally didn't chicken out and went ahead and got my septum pierced (12g, with a retainer) at Pure Body Arts at Sacred Tattoo in NYC. It's one of the best piercing places in the country, and they do some pretty heavy mods there. Chris did my piercing. He had a great bedside manner and was completely professional--also the poor guy was hit by a car not too long ago and was limping around.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recent Hypes

Just wanted to share a few looks I liked. 
I love how her hair matches her bike...and how (except for the hair...too vivid!) Brooklyn-five-years-ago this is.

Yellow and wine
Her red hair and that yellow-orange really look nice together for the fall. And I don't think berets got enough attention last fall!

I've got an eye on you
This is awesome. I love these eyes! DIY denim was the rage early spring as were the denim shorts. Can't summer last a little longer! also love her makeup

White definitely
If you haven't heard of Zana Bayne, I don't know where you've been. He's wearing a Zana Bayne necklace harness, which looks great. One day I'll save some money and get a piece. I'm also inspired by a lot of the goth boys and what they're doing... and I absolutely love this look

Boy under the rain
Another look by the same dude. Those pants are awesome.

Elevator Love Letter
crop top and chiffon skirt.... this was my favorite look for work this summer

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photoshop of horrors: long beautiful legs!

If you're short like me, you probably always dreamed of long, beautiful legs. Well, you can with photoshop, but it's good to be mindful of a few things...skeletal proportions, for one thing. This photo came up on my tumblr feed. The photographer had an editorial vision and photoshopped accordingly, which is cool and all, but the bizarre proportions make this completely surreal and confusing. 

As you'll notice, class, the femur (thigh bone) is the longest bone in your entire body:
but through the magic of photoshop....