Saturday, July 23, 2011

t-shirts and corsets

American Apparel Unisex Oversized Ringer See Thru T-Shirt; Lip Service Burning Fur You corset, Urban Outfitters pleated skirt; Urban Outfitters hat; DIY Choker, 10 years old.

Trying to rethink corsets so they don't look so damn ren-fair, hence AA t-shirt. Awesome T-shirt, by the way. Thin, kind-of-sheer, really soft. This look definitely wouldn't work with a standard oversized t-shirt. Those pleated skirts are in style right now... like the whole 'professional' or perhaps 'school-girl' look to them. Spiked collars look really dated and costumey, but I thought it went well with the spikes on the corset, which I got on sale! Hurrah


Urban Outfitters hat, Urban Outfitters pleated skirt, H&M white w/lace button up, upside-down cross from (great shop btw).
Yes, I know the upside cross isn't Satanic. Doesn't mean we can't pretend... No fancy pants designer labels here, just good old fashioned rural mall stuff.