Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recent activity

Part of this challenge. This post covers my going-ons on the interwebs.

A few of you have been posting your Instagrams, so I figure I'll post mine too. My instagram deviates from dark fashion, so no hard feelings if you don't follow. I mostly post visually interesting pictures of what I'm doing around NYC and my travels. If you are interested in NYC and my day-to-day life, feel free to follow.

Recent posts:

I post on my Tumblr when I see something cool on my feed or I need to bookmark something...pretty much the same as you guys do. lots o nail pictures. Mood board. Recent posts:

As for the other networks:
I tried twitter 2x. It blows. Just promo BS all the time.
I have a pinterest, but I don't really use it too often.
I have a polyvore, but I just use it for this blog.
Facebook is for connecting with classmates/friends. I mostly post about work and repost Gawker articles.
LinkedIn I use for networking, work. I never post on there and rarely update my profile.

What's your favorite social media platform? Least favorite? My favorite is probably tumblr/instagram. Least favorite is Twitter for sure.


  1. i love how your tumblr is very uncanny :P i use mine for occult discoveries and learnings mostly. i do love to collect stuff on pinterest but only visit there rarely, however collecting data about crystals is very handy! i guess FB and blogger are my favorites, i find tumblr too distracting sometimes for it´s glorious variety hehe

    1. crystals have been popping up on my feed too! mostly the body piercing feeds and now also WWD. so crystals are definitely going to be a thing for fall.