Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In another time, in another place

read about the challenge here.

What would I wear if I didn't wear dark fashion? Well, I don't always. I just go full-out Williamsburg hipster: ridiculous glasses, plaid shirts...something between art school and lumberjack. stupid sweaters.

What would I like to wear if I didn't wear dark fashion? That's a different story. If I could think of a perfect, happy version of myself, I'd picture some prairie girl homesteader living in some cottage. Or out in the field. Whatever. So I'd probably say Mori.

Looks cool when done well. Otherwise you look like a frumpy grandma. Since I'll forever look like I'm fifteen, I could probably pull this off. The other style i'd wear, probably more "me" than the mori girl, is the gyaru gal. There's different kinds of Gyaru (even a goth one sorta) but I'm talking about the cross between ganguro and The Jersey Shore. I've already pretty much got the nails. I love this because it kind of looks normal but the artificial nails, hair, and eye contacts make this really odd looking. It's also really in-your-face and relatively newish. Probably the only recent "new" counter-culture fashion to hit the scene since forever. The clothes are kind of club-ish or normal "in" clothes you'd get at forever 21--this is more a wig/contacts/makeup/nails look.

So yeah, I guess if I was a loner out in the woods, I'd be mori, if I was fun and popular with my gal pals, I'd be gyaru. But I'm neither! Queen of the Night forever. I suppose I could do goth versions of these. I couldn't find anything convincing for Mori, though there's a goth stereotype for it (????????huh?????????)

Goth gyaru is already a thing and the contacts and makeup is kind of creeping into the pastel goth thing


  1. Have you seen grimoire style? more like darker Mori

  2. I love more kei and dark more kei too, mixed with some hippi - bohemian. :)

  3. I sometimes suspect that some of these styles look so cool because they're worn by cute Japanese people. I reckon' Stevie Nicks is the godmother of this dark Mori :)