Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: treasures from my geocities page

I've mentioned a few times that there are no pictures of me in high school and my early days because those were all on geocities. So, back in 2001, I made my first website on geocities. In 2009, geocities was deleted all the content gone. Maybe it was archived, but if it wasn't, tough luck. But I just found out that some people independently archived it. So if you want some old school magic, go to

I remember reading about goth fashion from geocities. I don't remember the exact sites, but here are some links I just found
Here's one on rivethead fashion, which seems to have disappeared as soon as we hit the year 2000...completely overtaken with the slick/high-maintenence cybergoth.:
OW, my eyes:
wow ranty

As for my site, I coded it myself in notepad and made all the images. There was and old site and a new site. The old site was a little baby bat, black-on-black, a lot of swearing. the newer site, made in 2003, was a little more mature. I had a list of my hair services (I was finishing beauty school at the time). I wanted to see my hair portfolio, but alas, the archive didn't get that. That, and all my terrible creative writing, is lost to the ages.

Let me entertain you with some artwork, banners, buttons:

a mosh pit from a friend's band

my cosplay costume, paine from ffx2. We won best skit and ALMOST won crowd favorite. My sis is in the background

in true rivethead fashion, I used to head over to factories and take's crappy "photoshop" (not really photoshop because I didn't have it back then) with those pictures over one of my industrial outfits.

nail blogging, before it was cool

cybergoth days

goth barbie

this logo was clearly influenced by the Fragile, which came out a few years earlier. Took this photo at one of the construction sites 

I FORGOT about that skull necklace completely. I also wore a shit-ton of necklaces back then. 

Beauty school days. I think i'm like 19 here.

pictures of dead things, of course


punk rock barbie

I think this was one of the first digital photos I took ever. I'm in high school. 


  1. I used to go to Geocities, although I don't think I ever read your site! I remember all the old Goth online sites I used to read, usually red writing on black or green on black, they are all gone now. Did you ever read Cities of Apocrypha? I found a $2 download of it and you can get it as a novel for $10. So nostalgic although I was really just a teen at the time and not allowed to actually go out and DO Goth stuff!

    1. Did you check the archive? The graveyard of old goth sites....

  2. lol Oh the days of hideous web design and too many gifs, old school. I had a few Geocities pages, but it seems like none of them survived. :/ I recall once creating a fictional character to prank one of our "friends" - this guy who constantly treated me and my best friend like second class citizens. We gave her a myspace page and a livejournal blog. Then we arranged for them to meet and stood him up. It was a lot of fun, I would have loved to see that website again.

    1. Oh I remember those old online pranks! I had a bunch of aim profiles for pranking

  3. wwooow I loovve it!!! I´ve never heard of genocities, maybe because of age difference. I love so much the rivethead vibe from all these pics, and you look really cool and cyberly glamurous! I love 90s-00s goth, those are really inspirational, thanks for sharing this with us :)

    1. Glad you liked them. GeoCities was kind of like what we had before blogs and online journals

  4. Awesome pictures! And you are so right, that one ootcities site about goths really really hurt eyes, I could not read it. :D

  5. I used to have my own website way back in the day as well as I learned html in grade school. I wish I would have saved it somewhere, because I am sure it was really something.....

    Thanks for sharing the old pics, I love seeing old pictures of people.