Saturday, December 18, 2010

Goth V Bangs

Goth V Bangs: 1) how to cut em and 2) how to style em

1. Cutting it: The rules are the same as cutting any bang style. Cut it dry. Don't use tension: let it fall naturally over your face. If you have a cow lick around your bang area, don't work against it trying to get a geometrically "even" cut... it won't LOOK even. Use sharp scissors. I've got really thick hair, so I had to add some 45 degree layers to avoid a too-blunt bang. Cutting the bottom of the shape of the "V" is self-explanatory. The top of the V, around your hairline, can be tricky. Cut it SHORT... this is probably terrifying for a lot of people. I ended up using a razor to shave a bit of my hairline back. 

 2) The thing that sucks about the V bang is that you can't just get up and go. You HAVE to blowdry it, otherwise it starts "popping" up or curling (in my case). The ONLY way to keep it down is to blow dry--you won't be able to get them to be flat against your face with a flat-iron. Comb them straight, and pull on your bangs with your hands (I can't get the proper tension with a brush...maybe you can, though), flattening them against your forehead, and blow-drying at the root. Once your hair is dry, use the cool setting to "set" the hair in place because if the hair is still warm, it could go back to whatever it is that it does. If you've got naturally frizzy hair, like me, go over with a flat iron to FLATTEN the hair... not to straighten it (you've already done that while blow-drying). 

I should probably make a video or something...

I love this tunic from Bllack Nior! Bat-wing sleeves, leather at the bottom hem and around the collar, long sleeves with thumb holes! Kind of reminds me of Lydia from the old Beetlejuice cartoon (hence the high ponytail). 

Bllack Nior, part of Noir:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wholesome whole-wheat knockoffs

Even the pose is more subdued. 

While I am getting over the fact that I payed $40 for 
the American Apparel bodysuit when the Hot Topic
knockoff is $15, I'm still pretty happy that the see-thru
window to my crotch is approved by fashion's biggest
pervert, Dov. You kind of have to wear a high-waisted 
skirt/shorts with it, because no matter how skinny you are,
a belly button peeking through see-through fabric looks 
fairly fucking odd. This is obviously fixed in the HT version.

Hot Topic Pros:
Sleeves: always a fan of sleeves
Cheap(er): $15 vs $40

American Apparel Pros:
the lame detailing: really, this detailing MAKES the look
While I haven't tried on the HT version, I can say the AA top is, 
like most of AA's clothes, super comfortable.  

HT Cons:
Cheap looking, lets be honest
Without the lame detailing, looks pretty flat

AA Cons:
the sheer drops all the way down to the crotch, 
so you can't wear anything low-rise
Also, I'm not a fan of the "muscle shirt" sleeves. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

New hair. First time I've ever had bangs. Do I like it? 
Well I'm not a fan of retro
or bettie page
or anything "abilly" 
But I'm glad I have something different than the day before

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cartoon goth

I go back and forth between this look... I'm still in the camp that goth should be evil, but what can I say, we sure do love our loony toons. Here's a brand (Too Fast) I turned my nose up at when I first saw it on, yes, Hot Topic (it's still there on the site by the way). I've got a personal pet peeve regarding goth becoming all cute 'n cuddly. But it grew on me since it reminds me of a few of my fav-or-ite things: Rob Zombie, Coney Island Freak Bar, and Cartoons!  I can't pull this look off anymore because:

  1. I'm not 16
  2. My hair's a natural shade 
  3. I don't have any tattoos
  4. ... I'm regrettably normal looking
But still, this is a great look for the Coney Island Freak Bar  . It's also fun and delightfully trashy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Love this. Found this on Nasty Gal (now 50% off!) 
Personally, I love a bit of humor in fashion. 

This is by Handsome Clothing Co., who, for reasons I can't explain, 
is more a music blog than actual clothing company.