Monday, November 14, 2011

Digital Pinhole

 Except for the first picture and the animated yellow leaves, these were 
taken with a digital pinhole camera. I basically took a sheet of black
construction paper, and rubberbanded it around my Nikon D70 body only (no lens). 
Then, I poked a hole in the construction paper with a safety pin. There you go...
Digital pinhole camera. Most of the pictures turned out very desaturated, but there
were a few that were brilliantly colorful, others I saturated via photoshop. Also took
a majority of these in RAW mode, which helped with the editing.   

Pullover with ethnic pattern: Mags & Pye
Army pants: Forever 21
Hiking boots: Frye
Wool sweater: Salvation Army


  1. where/how did you do those picture which moves ?
    I mean the 2 last picture c:

  2. Hey Hope, you can do these animated gifs in photoshop (I use CS3, but they all have this capability.) In the animation toolbar, you just add the 2-3 photos as layers and animate the layers. Save to web as a GIF, and that's it. There are tutorials on youtube for this.