Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jewelry Watch

So, my favorite body jewelry site on the planet is Body Art Forms. The prices are amazing  and so is the selection. Quality too. They've got a sale on Maya jewelry till 5/19 with the code MAYA513 (I wonder if I'm breaking a rule by posting the coupon code...)

I've had my eye on this collection forever. A bit pricy ($80-120), but with the discount.... these are all bone or shell or horn (sorry vegans) + either gold-plated sterling sliver or sterling silver. They're 18g... so for normal ear piercings. They're so beautiful I just want to weep.


link I think I'm going to get this one.

no need to link, they're gone. shell and 22k gold-plated sliver. so pretty... :'(

Sigh. So pretty. But a few things about these kind of give me pause. For one thing, gold is really irritating to a lot of people's skin (including mine). Silver tarnishes. I would recommend the gold though, since bone tends to go from white to ivory with age (see my bone jewelry below, about 7 years old). The other thing that's giving me pause is that, as you can see, my holes are too large for normal earrings. These are at a 18g, while mine are at a 4g (and 8g).

Ah decisions, decisions.

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