Monday, October 14, 2013

Goth-ing things in my everyday life

Read more about the challenge here.

I'm interpreting this as physically "gothing" things putting bat stickers on your phone or something (a goth decora phone WOULD be awesome, btw).  But I don't actually do this, or haven't done since high school. I decorated a few journals and put a NIN patch on my backpack and that was it. Reason for this: my DIY skills kinda suck.

But if YOUR diy skills don't suck, NOW is the time to hit the magazine racks and check out Halloween crafts from the Queen of Darkness herself, Martha Stewart. You know, crafts for Halloween...aka ALL YEAR ROUND.

btw, Martha Stewart is awesome

Actually, all of the home magazines have a halloween issue this month, but MS is awesome. There's some ideas on the website, but the good stuff (wisely) is in the print edition.

My halloween decorating is pretty modest, since tiny apartment=not a lot of room to store holiday stuff, but I made a few origami bats. If you'd like to try your hand at halloween origami, check out the halloween origami on this site.
Happy Good Luck Bat by LaFosse, wet-folded out of water color paper. (an N. Robinson bat I folded form a post-it note is stuck to the window above the ghost)

this is the N. Robinson bat. It's easier than the LaFosse bat. also wet-folded out of water color paper. you can see the difference between wet folding and dry folding when you compare this bat to the one above that's taped to the window)

the LaFosse bat in glitter paper. (dry-folded)
lol yeah that's how I spent my Columbus Day day off from work. I think the bats (and most things with wings) look best when wet-folded so you can actually make curves. Wet-folding origami is exactly as it sounds--you fold while the paper is wet. Obviously you can't do this with most papers. I use watercolor paper, which would normally be way too thick to fold anything, but when you wet it until it feels like leather, it bends easily. This method makes simple models come alive, since it's almost a cross between paper sculpting and origami. When I'm done folding, I blow dry it until it dries rock-hard.

woot for halloween decorating, amiright?

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  1. Your bats look stellar! I suck at origami. Lol at NIN patch, me too :)