Friday, December 13, 2013

nu-goth music? else, bands I like

Here I am, posting stuff without doing any research. What do people consider nu-goth music? No idea. I don't think there're and bands billing themselves that way, no matter how many times they show up on my tumblr feed.

I made a nu-goth playlist, and this is what I have on it. I picked these songs based qualities that the fashion has, which is:

90s throwback, lo-fi
irony/humor, especially dark humor (hipster influence)
New (no old school)

Crystal Stilts
Local band out of Brooklyn (though they ARE just doing a world tour, so I guess not so local anymore. BTW best music = Brooklyn). The singer's voice is just so beautiful, I want to weep. The band doesn't bill itself as a goth band--it's quite indie, but very dreary. If nu-goth had a sound, I would definitely say this is it. Minimal, dark, grungy. Magnetic Moon is and old song and easily the most trad goth. and Star Crawl is just beautiful...and the video is cool too.

Pony Time
I love this. From Seattle. This may be too indie-sounding for the dark crowd, but whatevs. Also best eating of a steak since NIN's help me I'm in hell.


Another NYC band. Sometimes they sound exactly like The Birthday Party (one of my most fav bands ever). They used to be on a punk label, so there's some influence there. Also, I didn't post it cause it was too punk, but their music video for short zipper had the most NIN-like bdsm i've seen since...NIN.

Why am I writing so much about NIN?

Vivian Girls
Another NYC band. Kind of sound like the ravonettes and ladytron

Ok guys, suggest your take. Agree? disagree? What's a "nu-goth" band/ "nu-goth" music?

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  1. I'm not sure what nu-goth music is either, especially since I haven't moved on from listening to my 90s high-school music, but thanks for sharing these bands- they all sound pretty good to me :)