Saturday, July 11, 2015

90s artifacts I own that are out of style

(Sorry I've been away! From insanity at work (restructuring and layoffs, and all the going away parties from said layoffs. I didn't get laid off, but I did get moved to a new manager and a new department, and am now going to be doing different work...) to a recent trip to Montreal, I've been away from all social media except Instagram.)

So, I've moved around and each time I had to purge a lot of dark fashion stuff that I considered to be out of style. While a lot of alternative folks claim to "not care about trends," alternative people have trends of their own, whether they'd like to admit it or note. For my first move in Chicago, I threw out all my blinking rave stuff, neon plastic things, stuff with a lot of spikes in it, cybergoth hair falls. I kept all my velvets, lace, and leather...and my baggy jeans. When I moved again, all the baggy stuff went (well almost all of it!). When I moved to New York, I threw out all my Japan-related stuff (leggings, lolita-inspired, j-rock, ANYTHING with a ruffle on it) all the velvet, and most of the lace).

All that said, I kept a few things for nostalgia, and these are kind of hilariously out of style:

Jnco jeans  from 1998 that I turned into cutoffs. OF COURSE. Look at those fabulously long pockets. I seriously miss all the storage. I used to put paperbacks in those pockets. Or the entire long-sleeved flannel shirt.