Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hair Trend: Clipper Design

I've been seeing a lot of clipper designs on the street these days. I'm not sure if it's because everyone's shaving their heads for the summer or what. I'm a fan. I'm seeing it on both men and women.
by the way ^ the above is like the most brooklyn haircut for guys. Like I can name 10 of my friends who have this haircut right now.

How do you do this on yourself? You CAN try with your clippers, but I personally was never successful trying these on myself, except for straight lines. I'd probably try a specialized clipper. I've seen the below clipper at Sally's before. While I've never used it personally, I've used Wahl clippers before when I was a professional hairdresser. It isn't some no-name brand. The price point of $45 does worry me.

Here's the clipper in action.

When I wasn't happy with the wide clippers, I tried to use a straight razor, which worked surprisingly well. Wouldn't recommend this:
I think i've used this picture of me in like a million posts by now. sorry if you're sick of it!
Have you tried this look? Any tips?


  1. While I probably will never do this to myself, I always love to see what designs people will etch into their hair. It's fun.

  2. Before cutting my hair, I seriously contemplating shaving the side like that but I honestly doubt that would be something acceptable for work. It suits you

    1. I used to just part my hair down the middle and then you couldn't see the shaved sides

    2. I used to just part my hair down the middle and then you couldn't see the shaved sides

  3. I agree this does suit you. I have always wanted to shave part of my hair, I used to have a bob and really wantes to shave the back and underneath, I just never had the balls to do it!

  4. So awesome! I want someone to do it for me!

  5. woah usually not a big fan of this style but these two cuts look awesome :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts