Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WITCHes and Satanists against tyranny and sexism

Greetings from the resistance. Instead of going shopping at lunchtime, I'm out protesting with everyone. Here in secular, liberal NYC, we are losing our damn minds. From freedom of the press to women's rights to the environment to education, it seems we're losing. It's scary. 

Props to the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (WITCH). While dressing up in costume is a good way to not be taken seriously, I do think this is more effective than other protesting groups. It's menacing-looking, not just because the people are anonymous like anarchists, but because it's a great way to troll the conservative Christians. Normally I'd say no one would actually be scared of witches, but they believe the world is a few thousand years old, so maybe they're scared of witch magic too.

Last I spoke to my occultist friends, a few people were gauging interest for a ritual protest. They scratched their heads trying to find a way to do this magic ethically. As the atheist in the room, I say if magic is real, now would be a good time to use it. One person was going to do their ritual the day of the women's protests, to tap in to the worldwide energy behind the resistance. I hope it went well.

As an atheist, my biggest fear is the Christian theocracy we are currently heading toward, especially once Trump gets rid of the separation of church and state, as he promised to do. With all the fundamentalist oppression in women's health, we are already going there. Unfortunately, atheism isn't a religion, so we don't have the same protections that other religions while Catholic hospitals have the "right" not to provide medical help to a women who is miscarrying, an atheist doesn't have the right to be free of religious tyranny.

So hail Satan, the Church of Satan fights the atheist fight using the first amendment language lawmakers understand. The only reason we were being oppressed is because we didn't have any way to fight back. So while we oppose a Christian statue outside a courthouse, no one is going to listen until we say "by law, you have to have our Satanic statue, because freedom of religion." The statue was awesome. And they won the fight.

(Though, to be honest, I don't know if Trump realizes that if he gets rid of the separation of church and state, that means the Scientologists (legally a religion) get to participate in our government as well...and they have a lot more money and influence than a bunch of evangelical sects who all hate each other. At this point, I'll take the Scientologists.)

Too early to tell, but I do wonder how the turmoil is going to affect our "subculture." Current events do affect our "scene"--whether we all go DIY because we're all unemployed, we lose our trench coats because of Columbine. Before 9/11, a bunch of us wore bullet wouldn't wear that now. To the young people "coming of age" now, I really wonder what direction they'll evolve our scene in.

Haha we'll return to trends and pretty pictures of clothing next time, assuming I won't be in political prison lol.


  1. It's the same in my country. A lot of Europe is going crazy right now, but only Poland took it a few steps furter and banned freedom of press, women's rights and made changes to education (eg. whole topic of evolution disappeared from the elementary kids' textbooks). We didn't got rid of separation between church and state, but only because we never had it truly separated lol.
    As for Trump, if there's one good thing I would expect from him, then it would be seeing how he treats Polish government accordingly to what his part of America thinks of Slavic people. Because our government acts like Poland were a superpower and a force to be reckoned with - yet they bootlick American president hard apparently due to similar far-right views. And I'm here like... lol, he's racist, and we are basically an expendable third-world nation for neo-nazis. I would just love to see a juicy slap from him to our stupid politicians. Because maybe - just maybe - they would see that being prejudiced towards some social groups doesn't automatically mean they can't be a part of similar harassed group for somebody else. For somebody who actually has way more power than a silly tiny country in Central Europe...

    As for evolution of the scene, I think there will be an even bigger rift between bloggers in sponsored fancy clothes/models who wear costumes and the rest wearing simple stuff, because they either can't afford fancy clothes or nobody told them they can DIY and look great. I wonder if we'll witness the death of gothic subculture after these nearly 40 years...

  2. Oh my gosh, your country is such a mess. I've been hearing the worst stories about women's rights. Protests used to irritate the crap out of me but that's because around here they're largely for ridiculous reasons (I think our last one was a group of vegans screaming profanities at patrons of a restaurant for eating meat). Although I do agree that their costumes might not help their plight, it's certainly eye catching. I don't know what to think for the future of American citizens, but especially America's youth...many of those kids are so delusional to begin with. I foresee a lot of problems. I talked with my best friend of how at least all this political turmoil will inspire comedians and musicians. I think we're overdue for another wave of punk rock, and that could certainly influence our scene (possibly more DIY).

  3. I identify with Satanism and I think it is awesome what the Church Of Satan is doing. These are scary times indeed. Even in Canada, all the racists think it is now OK to crawl out from under their rock. There was a shooting at a Muslim temple and one was vandalized in Montreal. These are scary times indeed. I am so sorry for what your country has to go through. *hugs* I think we can pull through this, we just need to stick together.

  4. I find it hard to form a solid opinion here... I am a spiritual person and I don't exactly practice. I keep my religious/spiritual doings to myself, aside from wearing certain symbols. I doubt how much satanist and pagan religions will change, being a minority... On the other hand, I am glad different groups are protesting. As long as different groups of people are resisting for the same reason, we are united and that's the only thing that will keep us together. I hope it works!

  5. I've got to say that I LOVE what the Church of Satan is doing regarding fighting for their right to say Satanic Prayers at council meetings and such. I find it to be quite amusing how people lose their shit over the Church of Satan stuff....people completely misunderstand it and think that they worship the devil and sacrifice people or something. I guess I am not surprised, many people are pretty ignorant these days and don't bother to learn about other cultures, religions, or points of view. I am an atheist and I FIRMLY believe that religion has no place in law/politics/state/etc. I am so sorry to see what is happening in the US right now but regarding Sylvie D's comment above, it is kind of ridiculous that people in Canada are so smug about it. We have our fair share of racists/xenophobes/less than progressive people up here, I think we are just a bit quieter about it so people think we are this country of tolerance when that is not necessarily the case.

  6. But the Church of Satan isn't really doing anything. That's the Temple of Satan. Church of Satan is basically a carnival sideshow for people who haven't discovered The Ayn Rand Institute yet.