Thursday, November 16, 2017

How I Wear Capes

"Hey! You dressed up for Halloween?" Sigh, it was actually halloween weekend when I took this shot. Worst time to dress goth.
I own one wool cape. The designer is Catherine Holstein, who I think only put out two collections, then vanished.

You may be thinking that capes aren't practical for everyday wear, and I disagree. For one, big sleeves are back in style, and it's a bit undignified or impossible to shove giant sleeves into a coat sleeve. Also it's great for changing temperatures, since you can layer up all you want under the cape.

The number one fail I see with people wearing capes is that they don't know what to do with their purse:
 Like, my arm is getting tired just looking at this person. Also if it were actually cold out, her hand would be the frozen hand of a corpse. Also what is the point of wearing the sleek lines of a cape if you're going to have your arm jutting out--might as well wear a vest. 

So I don't know if this is what you're supposed to, but it works for me: I wear a flat purse like a tote or cross-body bag under my cape. Basically, put on your wide-sleeved blouse, your pants, then throw on your purse like it's summer out, and then throw on your cape on top of all that. 


cape by featuring a cross-body handbag

SURPRISE! I'm wearing my tote bag under this cape in this outfit below! If you need to get something out, you mostly poke around by feel. I'm sure people kind of think it's funny when a phone pops out of my arm holes, then disappears, and then a novel pops out. Then that disappears back into the cape, and then a water bottle pops out. To fellow subway riders: it's not magic...I just have a bag under my cape. 

Do you wear a cape? What are your tips for wearing a cape?


  1. I am a huge fan of ponchos, shawls and capes! I love how they flow when you walk and blow in the wind and they work beautifully for layering. I totally agree with you about the purse thing, it looks kind of weird when you wear a purse over a cape....I usually just break my arm carrying the damned thing like the lady in the picture there lol!

    1. haha yes it's the best when your cape flaps in the wind!