Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Prescription Glasses

Time for new eyeglasses. All of my glasses come from Zenni Optical, where I've shopped for prescription glasses for almost ten years--whatever style you want, for less than $30 bucks. These are all prescription glasses I got from Zenni, and they were all awesome:

What style do I get this time around? I fell in love with Gucci's spring line, so I'm going BIG this time around.

b-b-b-but that's not dark fashion, you say? Well, prescription glasses aren't traditionally goth, sorry. They are the least alt-fashion thing ever. When I think of real-life goths with glasses, it's usually rimless glasses that won't obstruct your eye makeup too much. I never liked the look of that--I wear glasses. I'm not ashamed of that. Go big and weird or go home lol.  

But I'm not going to spend $500 bucks on Gucci glasses, so I'm looking at some knock-offs at Zenni. I already know I'm going to go for clear plastic--I think it goes with more stuff and it's retro. I liked these frames people on instagram posted:

I'm also going to get some mirrorshade sunglasses too. Pretty much exactly these with the red mirror:

I ended up getting these ($9.95 with prescription lenses!) to try out my new prescription. If I'm happy with it, I'll go on a shopping spree then:

Do you wear prescription lenses? 


  1. Yep. I love my black frame specs.

  2. I DO wear prescription lenses, I am horribly nearsighted and it keeps getting worse and worse. I exclusively wear contacts; I have a pair of really ugly glasses for emergencies. I have never found a pair that I really love; also, with contacts you can see EVERYTHING but with glasses you can only see directly in front of you and I find that to be problematic when driving, etc. Make sure you post some pics with your new eyewear, especially the mirrorshades!

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