Thursday, March 15, 2018

Why I don't wear eyeliner

There is one thing you won't see on this site. And that's eyeliner designs. You will never see this on my eyes:

Oh, I've tried. I always thought I just didn't know what I was doing or had bad tools. Some of that was true, but it's also (mostly) my eye anatomy. I have very hooded eyes. Like I basically don't have an eyelid. My eyeball goes straight into my eyebrow bone. Those fanciful eyeliner designs above--that person's entire face is an eyelid. 

No matter what you do, your lid is going to swallow your design. 
 This is a thick black eyeliner fail, making my eyes look teeny:

Below, I tried underlining, since I have no eyelid to line normally. Looks too werewolf: 

I've had a lifetime of eyeliner fails before I realized that for my eye anatomy I have to do the non-goth thing and use it sparingly or not at all. I don't know how many times I walked out in my teens looking like the "don't" below

If you MUST eyeline, I recommend:
1. shaving your eyebrows off and making lid space that way:

2. use REALLY thick black eyeliner that extends past your crease

3. Use a teeny bit (image from the above video, which is a must-watch if you've got the same eyes I do:

You know what I use my eyeliner for? Lipstick/lipliner. 
I should do the V bangs again...


  1. The struggle is real, I have hooded eyes as well. I have a deep-ass crease in the inner corner of the eye, and then my eyelid just goes 'flop' down to my lashes. I've learned how to mask it with cut crease makeup, but still, winged eyeliner is hard - mainly because my natural eyelid crease extends below the outer corner of my eye, so if I were to follow it, I should go for a 'puppy eyes' look. Which is a no-no. So I usually do my wing from the lower eyelid, not the upper, and don't wing it upwards, but draw it straight, sort of like ancient Egyptian. Looks kinda androgynous, but works for me.

  2. No idea why, but despite having a hooded eyelid (or so I was told when learning how to make up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), perhaps not as hooded as yours, most of the advices about creating an eyeshadow/eyeliner look doesn't work for me at all - the most nonsesical thing I've read about hooded eyes was from an interview with a famous make-up artist of some sort, can't recall the name, but he said (about creating a full eyeshadow look, mind you!) that you actually should apply product only to the part of the lid visible when your eyes are open. Thank you, sir, this way I would show the world a big blank space in the middle of my lid every time when I blink :')

    Anyway, one thing that works for me is not doing a wing starting straight from the corner, but dragging the line a tiny bit further than the crease; a milimiter or so, but it works. Also, starting line really thin and not staight from the inner corner, but somewhat in 3/4 of the lid, then thickening it as it goes to the outer part. Looks good both with and without wing.

    1. That's very similar to the advice in the video... I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it on my own lol. In researching this post I watched a lot of bizarre advice... But wow putting eye makeup on when your eye is open is a bad idea...I can see myself getting shadow in my eye, not to mention the blank spot. Though to be fair I get that blank spot anyway as I blink away the eye shadow

    2. Yeah I definitely put some makeup above my eye crease or nothing shows

  3. I have the same problem but more with one eye. My eyelids are shaped differently in some sort of weird way. I noticed that when I used to wear makeup, it was impossible to do great eyeliner because of it :'D One eye went (almost) perfectly but the other one was just very very ugly.

  4. Yes, I found out about hooded eyelids only recently and it really explained my struggles! I also recently saw that exact YouTube video. Maybe I can get my eyeliner tattooed one day ;)

  5. I think I love that bold colored eyeliner for your eye shape, and it's because it pops so much that I think it's the best. However, I do know bold colored eyeliners aren't exactly practical for everyday... heh. It does look incredible.

    I have almond eyes... I think? It's halfsies. After my horrid embarrassing baby bat years with costume like makeup, I started just lining the top lid very thinly in liquid black liner. Very recently, I started using a slightly darker brown shade of eye shadow or a brown pencil very lightly to eek out some distinction in my eyes-- to draw less attention to the age my eyes are starting to show lol.