Monday, September 5, 2011

Wood Fabric

I can't really explain it, but I'm very into wood fabric these days. It started with
these Black Milk wood leggings, which, as of this writing, are still on their way:

Maple..pretty neat. I'd like to get some wood fabric (walnut!) and try to make something out of it... but 
what? Celine has a wood look for Winter 2011, as I discovered in an advertising spread in the 
GIGANTIC Vogue September 2011 issue:

(Celine's winter 2011 collection) Cool ad campaign btw.

But what to make? I am thinking something structured looking, much like Celine's, though I feel this
 could potentially be a too-literal interpretation of the fabric. Maybe not, as in the case above: the t-shirt 
and pants look pretty awesome, especially with the different "grain" directions. My sister jokingly said a 
kaftan, which would probably overdo it with head-to-toe wood fabric. 

I'll update this post when I get my leggings, and if I see more wood sightings!

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