Sunday, March 3, 2013

#challenge 12: Combining fashions

Read about the original challenge here.

Challenge #12: combining other fashions with goth fashion. Well, there's some overlap between this challenge and #1 (5 essential items every goth wardrobe should have). Sure, you can cheat and just add a spiked collar and combat boots to X and call it goth-x...but it looks lazy.

goth + grunge

First up: Goth and Grunge! Who doesn't love grunge? I grew up during grunge and that's where my heart stays. Oversized clothes, sloppy, distressed, tattered--like my soul!

Keep these grunge items:

  • combat boots
  • velvet (all colors)
  • Denim tops, denim jackets, denim vest
  • oversized tops/sweaters
  • crop shirts
  • flannel, for layering only
  • tattered denim shorts
  • babydoll dresses

Lose these grunge items

  • Nirvana t-shirts
  • jeans (tattered, covered in marker, whatever... no denim bottoms except shorts)
  • grunge jewelry
Goths, pull this out of your closet:
  • skirts (shiny, circle, fitted, plain black, short, long, whatever)
  • any of your black tights (ripped, fishnet, whatever.)
  • spiked collars, chain jewelry, other non-feminine jewelry
  • studs and spikes
  • colored lipsticks (dark)
Goths, leave this in your closet:
  • corsets
  • anything victorian or period
  • You want to be sloppy and carefree, not prim and proper and put together.

goth + prep

 Goths and Preps: mortal enemies. With these 3 outfits, I tried to cover the whole spectrum. First, a high school jock re-imagined as a 50s girl/greaser. Cause cheerleaders are evil. This is a good style for the younger/young-at-heart folks. Next, New England university type re-imagined as a more victorian-male type outfit. With armwarmers, yes--I actually like armwarmers with button ups. Next is a New England yachter goth, with shiny red leggings, boots and an ascot. 

get these prep items:
  • oxford shoes
  • cheerleader sweatshirt
  • nautical themed suits, pants, dresses for grown-up prep
  • bow-tie, ties, ascots
  • argyle 
  • houndstooth
don't get these prep items
  • any prep tshirts--sweaters ok
  • any prep shoes that aren't oxfords
  • prep jewelry
  • pastels, unless you're lolita and know what you're doing
Goths, pull this out of your closet:
  • lolita skirts and tops only
  • victorian tops + skirts (skirts should be inspired, not historic) 
  • jewelry: feminine jewelry is good for all styles, be careful with collars
  • corsets (esp when worn under clothing, but over clothing ok if matching)
Goths, leave this in your closet:
  • patent leather/vinyl/pvc, bondage looking 
  • anything, anything industrial-inspired, cyber, or military inspired--you're not one of the working poors and you don't get your hands dirty. You're pure evil.

Goth and Work

Next, goth and work. I actually did an entire post on goth and workwear not too long ago. Check it out for a few examples and dos and don'ts.

get these work items:
  • knee-length work skirts
  • dolman sleeve tops
  • suit--if your work requires 
don't get these work items
  • anything gray
Goths, pull this out of your closet:
  • button-up tops
  • romantic-type tops
  • all non-leather jewelry
Goths, leave this in your closet:
  • historical pieces
  • corsets, unless worn underneath clothing
  • anything tripp, hot topic, or other goth brand. 


  1. Hey! :D Thank you so much for your lovely compliments on my blog! :) Here is the eyebrow tutorial:

  2. This is very cool. I love that you did Goth and Prep. I really like the 50's greaser outfit.