Saturday, February 2, 2013

Challenge #1: 5 pieces that every goth wardrobe should have, regardless of style

So, Darkstalker Girl decided to do a Goth blog challenge (read more about it here), and I'm participating. It's time for actual content besides my posts on Lookbook, right? First challenge is 5 pieces that every goth wardrobe should have, regardless of style. "Style" I take to mean the different genres--rivethead, romantic, clubbing, cyber, grungy etc. Basically, I read this challenge as:

You want to be goth (in any sense of the word) right now. What 5 things (not hair/makeup/bodymods) should you get to make the transition? (read more after the jump)

5 pieces that every Goth wardrobe should have, regardless of style


  • a statement necklace (or other neckware);
  • boots (also good for all seasons);
  • something, anything, black and shiny;
  • a black t-shirt with nothing on it. Comfortable and goes with everything;
  • warm thing appropriate to your climate/season: vest, sweater, cape, jacket, coat.

5 goth essentials: boots and statement necklace

I'm just going to group these together. With the right pair of shoes, you can make any outfit edgy, but pair that off with a statement necklace, and you're done. That's pretty much what we did in junior high: beg mom to get us a pair of boots, sneak into a sex store and get a dog collar (or, some went to a pet store) for about $15 and that's it. Of course, these days you can probably just go to Forever 21 and get spiked collars, but whatever. Above's a visual, with the least goth dress ever. It's very junior high, but I think it illustrates my point regarding how essential these are. Left to right: hardcore, feminine, modern goth.

goth essentials: black shirt and something shiny

Throw out your necklace and boots, a plain black t-shirt and something black and shiny could also be a goth outfit in itself. Check out my earlier post. I think this is a great everyday look for people with insane hair or insane body mods.

What's my problem with t-shirts with designs? Well, you're communicating something with a t-shirt with a design on it--whether you want to or not. If you wear a band/videogame/movie/sayings t-shirt, even if you bought it because you liked the design or color, it's perceived as you liking that band, etc. Basically, you're self-classifying yourself in a group or making a statement. Joy Division fans, "Vampires Suck" ironic humor. Nothing wrong with that, but it isn't versatile and definitely won't go with every outfit or every social situation.

5 pieces goth wardrobe: warm thing

So you got your black tshirt, boots, shiny thing, and neckwear--too bad it's cold out. Or, you're dressing in revealing club wear and don't feel like taking the subway back at 3am in a post-apocalyptic hooker outfit. Without some cool outerwear, you can look pretty lame pretty fast.

So that's the first post! Took kind of forever, lol. If you are doing the challenge, comment below!


  1. Holyshit, this is so good! I love the images. The "something black and shiny" is very tongue in cheek and the use of that white and colourful stripped dress is killer! :3

  2. I love the lolita coat with those boots! Very deathrock loli.

  3. Great boots were first on my list for this post as well.

  4. Great list! Boots and a good necklace really do make anything that much gothier. Love the way you showed that. :)