Sunday, February 3, 2013

Challenge #3: What my own Goth lifestyle is like

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Goth lifestyle...goth lifestyle... I assume this means what I do when I'm off from work, when I'm not commuting, and when I'm not falling asleep in front of the computer looking at fashion sites. My job doesn't really care too much about my piercings or my hair (and we've got some heavily modded people here) and I wear pretty much whatever I want. Most people wear jeans and t-shirts though we sometimes dress up a bit for meetings. I'd consider my style modern goth at work. Main thing is that I don't look like I try too hard.

Most people think of the goth clubs, which I go a few times a year with a group of friends or with the one I love. Mostly, when I have the money. For most of my social time, about twice a week, I play tabletop roleplaying games from World of Darkness with my friends. For those who aren't familiar, there was a documentary made about us playing one of our Vampire games by an NYU kid. He did a great job, btw. We also play Mage, crossovers, some indie games. I used to so a lot of writing and don't have the time to do that anymore, so this is my creative outlet. If you like the oral tradition of telling fantasy stories with your friends, this is for you. I occasionally do a Vampire LARP (live-action roleplaying...basically I pretend to be a vampire), which my vampire-lifestyler friends think is dorky. let that sink in.

It looks evil, but we're just arguing and rolling dice. Also, my dice are fabulous. 
Otherwise, I look for free things to do in NYC. Museums are cheap and plentiful, and you can spend all day looking at beautiful old things and be transported through time. Seriously, NYC museums are the greatest.
tombs are spooky

I'm a dork

The rest of the time, it's bars, bars, sprinkled with parties. While there are "goth" places to go, and I do like going when I have the money, but most of the time, I just like going to grungy dive bars and secret shows and things. These aren't places you can wear your medieval goth wear, but the more modern-urban goth look is perfect. Some photos:

also taking pictures of satanic toliets

Rooftop concert/party, to be busted by the cops shortly after

satanic toliet, see?

yeah, she's standing on a dude. he's some fetish guy. @ a "vampire" night

me..seriously i thought i was smiling here
photo from . It's of my favorite place ever, the metal bar Lucky 13. 
lol most brooklyn picture ever
the pentagram's cool and all... but this place was expensive!!

Art galleries and art festivals are also a lot of fun to go to, and are always free. There's also goth-y lectures at some galleries: I saw a lecture on binding books in human skin. Galleries are the best places to wear your goth clothes--as long as you aren't wearing something silly like Tripp. Keep it classy.
Dumbo Arts Festival

Williamsburg gallery walk

Dumbo gallery walk

Aside from that, I live a pretty boring life of work, work, roleplaying, more work. Especially in the winter. I try never to leave my house, lol. 

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