Sunday, April 28, 2013

top 5 inspirational fictional characters

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Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working extra hours while I get situated. I am loving the new job, though. On a related note, my top 5 inspirational fictional characters:

1. Harry Dresden

The Dresden Files series is my favorite series in any genre. Dresden is a wizard detective from Chicago, protecting the city from all kinds of supernatural bad guys. Since we are talking about "inspirational" characters, Dresden is always put up against impossible odds and always manages to do the right thing with humor and cheer.

2. King Arthur's Court

Sir Galahad, most noble of the knights, IMO

Chivalry, honor, loyalty, dignity, respect. Noble knights, even if Sir Thomas Malory wasn't.

3. Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe is a detective from Raymond Chandler's popular pulp novels from the 40s/50s. He doesn't care about your feelings, is a heavy drinker, has a dirty mouth, but gets his work done. Tough, ballsy, and kind of an asshole. Sometimes you need to be the bad guy in order to be the good guy.

4. Yuna from FFX

OMG! one woman on the list! Not my favorite character from the FF universe, but easily the most inspirational. She's had some hard times and has an IMPOSSIBLE mission ahead of her, but she's determined, strong, and always optimistic. She also handles responsibility well and is amazingly strong without being an asshole.

5. The Star Trek crew

A team that values diversity of skills and people, working together for a noble goal. Out of the Star Trek team, I'd say Captain Kirk would be the most inspirational for his leadership and loyalty to his crew and Starfleet--even though he's kind of a goofball.

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