Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sorry I've been gone! I just came back from Boston. I was kind of ho-hum about going at first, but the city won me over pretty quick. My midnight walk through the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill was probably my favorite part. This section of the city is so colonial...you just feel instantly transported.

 If I lived around there I'd wear (and have the money to wear) something like:
Ulyana Sergeenko
 But sadly, no one really dressed this way. Boston was, in many was, everything I thought a colonial New England town would be: lots of redbrick, cute little shops, rich white people, amazing lamp posts, safe, clean. The fashion also fulfilled the stereotype: yacht club wear.... and something you'd wear to meet your conservative parents for brunch.

There's MIT and Harvard nearby, lots of old money. There weren't any fast fashion stores. There were lots of boutiques and indie stores that all sold pretty much the same thing:

Mom's wearing St. John, even in the 80 degree heat

(dress: Anthropologie) daughter is very prim, proper, elegant. Same neckline as Mom in her St. John
dad and son, wearing matching outfits. Talking about baseball.
Newbury street, the main shopping district, looks like this: The stores are at ground level:
one of the dresses in the store windows...

Most of the city looks like this. Honestly, I think I'd go prep if I lived here too.

What did I wear? Well, not to make excuses, but our bus left NYC at 11:30pm. I tried to nap beforehand and almost overslept...and had nothing to pack. I literally packed one shirt (the nearest one... it wasn't even clean) and socks and underwear. Nothing else. I tend to try to match where I'm going...so I kinda fit with the landscape/cityscape when I take photos. Right when I ran out the door, I remembered this, so I grabbed my tan+brown striped cardigan (shown above) that I bought when I was going to join the Princeton Club. But alas, clearly, preppy was the way to go.  But instead, I found myself looking like a homeless teenager who hopped of the train. Or obviously a tourist:
in front of paul revere's house. NIN!
Or my three wolf, one moon shirt, which is quite the hit in brooklyn:
oh wells, you can't be fabulous all the time. 
I can't get Boston out my head. I was, however, thinking of my favorite (and now closed down) prep store called Rugby (now basically swallowed by parent company Ralph Lauren). I remember they had a very amusing collection of silk men's ties (they were something like $85 each). They'd have the normal patterns of lobsters, sailboats, etc that the normal preppy ties would have--except one of the sailboats would be sinking, one of the lobsters would be cooked, etc. Ebay had one of these ties, which I bought today:
tiny ants! and a picnic basket! they're going to eat the food! hurr hurr
This IS kind of exactly what a Brooklyn person would wear to make fun of the New Englanders.


  1. Aaaah, I love the concept of those ties! It's a wonderful way to set yourself apart from the rest. Also, um, that Ulyana Sergeenko piece. I can't deal.

    I've never been to Boston (much less the US), but it's always struck me as a beautiful city. Doesn't it have quite a large arts crowd?

    1. The music scene is bigger than the arts scene, and the music scene is pretty good there. As far as I saw, the art scene was pretty nonexistent. But y'know, compared to NYC....