Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in my bag?

Read more about the challenge here.

Well, the original post was to write about what's in your MAKEUP bag, but I don't carry around a cosmetic bag. Everything's just floating around my bag. I also don't carry much makeup around... just a tube of lipstick and an eye pencil. I've got some foundation and a "foundation brush" aka a paintbrush waiting for me at work/home. Here's what's in my bag:

in my bag

  1. First off, I don't have a fancy purse, I use the corporate tote bag of a company I used to work for. I was really happy to get that bag and am still proud to wear it. Next bag: corporate tote bag of the company I currently work for. 
  2. Dice and character sheets (depicted here as that handwritten letter... yeah I don't know). D10s for my Orpheus game, D6s for my Shadowrun game. I play tabletop roleplaying games twice a week, so I just keep everything in my bag. 
  3. An Oliver Potzsch Hangman's Daughter book. Easily the best series I've read all year. Easily the best books I've read all year. I'm definitely going to review these soon. They are AMAZING. It's about an executioner, his daughter, and her boyfriend in 17th century Germany. They solve crimes. It's amazing.
  4. An android phone. Headphones. Spotify. Games.
  5. A card wallet. I don't carry cash. When I do, it floats around my bag.
  6. Lipstick...currently the burgundy you see up there.
  7. an eye pencil, which I probably use as a real pencil more than I use as an eye pencil.
What's the oddest thing in your bag? 


  1. I just saw the challenge and while most blog challenges are quite boring or full of irrelevant points, I never finish any...but this one is lovely, I think I'm gonna copy it...:)

    I also carry dice around, you never know...:P

  2. That Hangman's Daughter sounds really interesting, I hope you review it soon! :D Also, I really like how you depict your things and how they "float around" your bag.