Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013: trend recap

2013! what a year! here's a trend recap

1. Favorite trend of the year that will no doubt be out of style next year (ex-cybergoth me is weeping at the awesomeness of these): Hologram
drooooool. someone buy me these! 

2. Favorite trend that will continue next year: shapeless black thing

3. LEAST favorite trend of the year: flower crowns. please let this trend DIE already

4. accessory of the year: Collar clips, bib necklaces...any shit worn with collars.

5. stupid fads that died this year (detachable collars, spiked bra)
i'm a slave to fads. btw i think i wore this once

6. Trend that DIDN'T continue from 2012 that I wish continued: body chains. RIP! I still want to diy one.

7.  hair trend still going strong from 2012: light hair colors. White, pastels

8. everyday wear of the year: crop top with high-waisted something
lol never DID do this outfit post

9: goth symbol of the year: Bats + crosses + occult

10. shortest-lived fad of the year: tights with latex spilled on then. I WONDER WHY

11. color of the year: white

12. new accessory that never existed (in a mainstream way) before. the whole-ear cuff
13. beauty item of the year: nail polish
nails from this post
14. goth/alternative brand of the year: unif

15. online-celebrity style icons of the year:
16: body mod of the year: rib tattoo

PLEASE guys post some end-of-year style recaps. I LOVE reading these. Feel free to post your link below so I and others can read em. Also, agree/disagree with the above? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Cool post! I would like to write one, but I am not familiar with too many trends within the scene.. I guess I can just write a post regarding myself.
    One thing that I disagree on- flower crones!!!!! I LOVE these wish I had the time to diy one T_T

    1. lol i've got no research to back anything i've chosen and I know you look at outfit posts too ;) haha ok i'm sure YOU can pull off a flower crown

  2. Crosses on everything is/was a big trend. I am still okay with it, because I will still wear my cross things. :)

    1. lol i pointedly left off crosses on my list. Though I guess I have no reason to, since I have other styles from other years....

    2. now added...up there with the bats. including an image that I'd had stashed away in my tumblr for AGES

    3. I'll never stop wearing bat stuff either, lol! ;)
      I am happy as I see more "shapeless black things" popping up!

  3. Hell yeah am I going to do this!

    On body chains, I've been seeing them everywhere lately! I guess it is summer here or maybe I jsut spend too much time in the sales departments.

  4. I don't think I'll do this - I'm too much in agreement with your choices.