Friday, December 20, 2013

Favorite hairstyle

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This is easy: the undercut/sidecut/bilevel cut. It's had a number of names over the years. Most of you bloggers have it, and it's easy to see why. It's as easy to take care of as short hair, but it's got the benefits of long hair. It goes with every style and with every color. I've NEVER seen this hairstyle look bad on anyone. It's the easiest haircut to DIY too. and you don't have to style it! 
me in college, over a decade ago. my acne's gotten better, but otherwise I don't seem to age, lol. A blessing and a curse.
The above picture is a picture of me from college. This was a DIY. I shaved the designs in with a straight-razor. the strands behind my ears are actually rattails that I used to braid. ah haha NO ONE liked the rattails, but I still kind of do.

Now 10+ years later, I've got it again. My hair is incredibly thick and coarse and, moreover, it's curly at the temples. If I want a straight sleek look, no amount of straight-ironing will ever help. If I want long hair, I can't have it since it just starts dreading itself. But of course, we all want the hair we can't have. The undercut helps. See, this is what it looks like parted down the middle.

Yeah, that's how thick my hair looks like a normal bob when literally half of my head is shaved. This is how I wear it to the office these days.

This is how it looks flipped over:

You'll notice that I left the shaved part my natural haircolor. It was kind of a challenge to think of a way to blend the white with the ash-brown...I opted for letting the roots show in the area adjacent to the shaved part, while keeping the area around the part white-blond:

(clearly I had too much time on my hands today, making gifs and whatnot).

BTW, for those of you DIYing this look, there's a lot of shitty advice on you tube. I recommend making VERY clean parts and putting all of the hair you DON'T want to cut off into a really tight  ponytail. Then use electric clippers with a guard to shave the rest of your hair. The clippers won't cut off the hair pulled against your scalp in the ponytail.

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  1. Woo! I have this cut too! I have a few posts on how to do it (with really shitty graphics) and a video of me doing it. I just wish there were more hairstyle tutorials for this because obviously it's hard to do a lot of the ones around since, you know, half your hair is gone (like milk-maid braids for instance).

    1. yeah...but complicated hairstyles are a pain in the ass anyway. :p I'm sure you'll think of a few hairstyles. off to check out your tutorial...

  2. I had an undercut twice in my teens, and my hair is exactly like yours!!!! When parted in the middle no one even suspected that I had the sides of my head shaved!! My hair is incredibly thick too. Love the gifs you've maid, works great with the post!!! Might steal that idea as well ;)

    1. do it! and the only plus side to thick hair is we could tease it in about 30 seconds, while fine-haired people need ten cans of hairspray and a backcombing brush and lots of time

  3. I love sidecuts, but I have such a weak and thin hair - type, that I don't dare to try has abaolutely no volume amd I'm afraid it would look even worse...:/

  4. Ah, I would love an undercut, but the entire world is set against me having one (fine hair, course that would go apeshit), plus I quite like getting to do silly styles with my hair.