Saturday, January 11, 2014

Men's Fashion Week

I love men's fashion and often wear it. I occasionally go full drag when crossplaying--it's nothing gender-bendy for me...I just love the fashion.

Well, this past week was men's fashion week in London, and as usual, I'm very confused at men's Fashion with a capital "F"

(All photos from the Women's Wear Daily tumblr.)

men's Fashion runway stuff has two things in the same outfit: 1) "normal" stuff a bro dude would wear and 2) something Ruby Rhod from 5th Element would wear 
good movie, btw

actually I love this: stella jean
Diesel. sigh, i hate designer "punk" jackets

unfortunate styling, but might be cool on someone else. Hunter Gather
I guess you can't make everything goth with New Rocks and a collar.

The best men's fashion was with the attendees:

got any wisecracks on the men's Fashion-with-a-capital-F scene?


  1. oh dear, if there´s something I hate, it´s men fashion. Models look like crap, clothes that say absolutely nothing at all, and unnecessary everything. Really, I can´t stand these over the top high road stuff, especially when it comes to men fashion. I do love men clothes in stores, and capital f men related, but it´s just...argghhh XD
    Street style in my opinion looks like a completely different world on men in my opinion. Now here´s something I really love regarding men+clothes.

    1.'s amazing how high-end designers are so clueless with men's fashion. I don't think it's the same problem with women's fashion.