Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Goth Gym

Not far from former gutter punk hangout/current K-town annex St. Marks Place is David Barton Gym. We actually have a song we sing in our Peter Murphy voice when we walk by this place.

They just outgothed themselves and are opening a new location at an old church, the Limelight. If you aren't from NYC, you're probably wondering wtf kind of name is that for a church. This church used to be a nightclub (the Limelight), then a mall, and now it's going to be another David Barton Gym location. 

so awesome. Of course i can never afford a membership, but that would probably be the only way to get me to a gym...decor and a premium membership.


  1. That is awesome! And in a church too! I hope they play organ music for workouts too!

    The only problem is how to keep outfits, hair and makeup perfect while working out! The stylish interior puts a lot of pressure on the members to actually look good! Lol.

  2. It looks really cool, but... eh - goths are not very bodybuilding types, i think? It makes me laught when I imagine gym full of goths :D

    1. Maybe it'd be like gym class and they'd be standing around putting on makeup and complaining

  3. Wow! That is pretty cool! If I lived in NYC, i would definately go there :)

  4. pretty amusing! I had no idea such places existed, still not a reason to go to the gym for me :P

  5. That's amazing. I would love a place like that :D