Monday, February 17, 2014

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn Night Bazaar: it's a music venue, arcade, and craft fair in an old warehouse. Free to enter, but get there early to avoid the lines.

I'm still super sick but I had to brave the cold to go see one of my favorite BK band, Crystal Stilts (I wrote about em in this nu-goth music post) before they headed back on their world tour. here's the full lineup:

By the way, if you are ever in NYC, this is a great venue for seeing local bands. There wasn't a single weak set and the atmosphere is fantastic. I normally hate live music shows (I hate standing, hate all the tall people, hate all the downtime between sets) but this place was really awesome. 


also food.
This is the first band, Elsa, from Toronto. They were very 90s grunge sounding. I'd post a song, but apparently the only song they have on the internet is "In Two" which sounds a lot lamer than the stuff they played. They were really awesome live. eh I'll post it, but they were much better than this.

Next up were Yvette
These guys were amazing. It's just the two of em, and they were playing songs ex-rivethead/cybergoth me loved loved loved. I love how they sound electronica but are a completely acoustic set. Below is one of their videos. You can see why I love these guys.

here's the video I took of em at the show. sorry it's midsong. also I wanted to include some of the setup they did between songs, which was really interesting. I think they had synths or samplers or something on the floor. they are really great live.

So I think the Brooklyn music scene is the best around...but the only thing is that all the bands kind of don't put any effort into their stage outfits. I'm not saying they should be David Bowie, but ... no, I think I am. Like Yvette up there... would you ever think that they were an INDUSTRIAL band? Elsa up there looks very 90s grunge...the singer even kind of looks like Kurt Cobain a little. Says me, who is also face-blind (true story). The next band was Weekend. They turned up the reverb and all their songs kind of sounded the same. I liked em...but...well it all sounded the same. I feel like they're a better band to listen to with headphones. They did, however, select the best backgrounds for their songs...lightning (below) clouds, etc. I don't know if the bands choose what backgrounds they play with or if someone else does...but these guys got the best ones.  and they also kind of looked cool.

Next up was the Crystal's the video I made. They were awesome, of course.

So, in conclusion. Brooklyn Night Bazaar is really cool and the bands were really cool. Though these bands played dark/grunge/industrial music, they didn't wear dark fashion, sadly. That's kind of how it is in Brooklyn, though. 

Obligatory outfit post of me freezing my ass off:


  1. I love the idea of a night bazaar! I want to go to one in the future! Maybe even in Brooklyn one day when I finally get to travel to America!

    1. Yeah, its cool! It cant be the only one around....