Friday, June 6, 2014

Red+Black Week: Throwback Thursday post

Wearing red and black is easy when you've got red hair. I managed to maintain red hair for a while in 2005. I didn't take as many pictures then, but I did take a few pictures during a trip to NYC to visit my sister, who was living there at the time. My style at the time was transitioning from cyber/industrial to the very uniquely Chicago "cyclist punk" (punks who rode bicycles, not an official alternative person who rolls up their pant leg and carries a helmet, pretty much). My haircut was an undercut with two braided rattails (that everyone hated!).
Coney Island

lots of tenement apartments are also fallout shelters. Little did I know I'd end up living in one of these!

I'd end up living in one of these tenement apartments. never line-dried though!

CBGBs. It'd be closed when I finally moved here. I'm posting this to prove that I was of legal drinking age in these photos. I know I look like I'm 14!


I'm wearing a Manufactura shirt
2005 was a pretty important year. I'd started dating the man I'd eventually marry, I quit my final hairstylist gig, was going for my creative writing degree, crashed my car and bought a bicycle (and never drove a car since). It's kind of funny... I actually hated NYC when I visited. I thought it was dirty and too hectic and too cramped. Honestly, I wouldn't live anywhere else now...well, maybe Hawaii or Miami.

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  1. It might just be the hair color, but you looked so much different back in 2005. I love the atmosphere of thee pix tho'. :)

  2. You DO look young here! That's okay, because it means you age well. :) The red in your hair is a very flattering color for you. Or you just have one of those faces that looks great with any color. Probably the latter!

  3. I love your industrial piercing!

  4. Fascinating! What's it like to live in a bomb shelter? I like the hair! You do look younger than you are, everyone reckons I do too! Hopefully we will keep looking young when we are old!

    1. the shelter's in the basement, but the tenement building itself had a lot of 3rd world charm. no ventilation, roaches, bedbugs, no sound insulation, no space....