Thursday, April 23, 2015

Makeup Apps

By this point, most of us can spot a photo that's been photoshopped, but lately I've been seeing photos that are obviously manipulated--but was it our friend Photo Shop, or is it something else? 

The two photos below (photos are from we heart it...who knows where they were from originally) inspired me to start looking for something easier-to-use than Photo Shop (though I haven't used it since CS3). Makeup apps, I thought.
good way to hide photoshop is to rotate the photo to mess with perspective

obvious editing

lolz living dolls
Look! I can be a living doll too:

So these two photos of me were taken with YouCam Makeup for android. the top one uses the face shaping mode and the eye enlargements  (I also moved the eyebrows) and the bottom one is more "natural." of course, I couldn't resist the cat-eye contacts. I was pretty impressed that when you extended the "lipstick" outlines past your natural lip, (as I do IRL because I don't have much of an upper lip) it looks pretty real in the app. You can still see your natural lip, but the color it would actually do.

I wasn't wearing any makeup in the originals. I was actually pretty impressed with the app--the app basically traces your face according to proper guidelines (like your eyebrow arch should be over your outer iris) and you can adjust those points if the scanner can't read your face. those makeup looks took me not even a minute to create. In photoshop, it would have taken much longer.

I tried a handful of other apps, but those didn't "read" my face as well as YouCam or relied on your tracing the outlines on your face manually. Why would anyone do that on a phone, when they could do that on the computer? 

Below is my ugly mug before the app. I saved over the second one. but I'm basically like the one below, shapeless brows, no upper lip, chapped lips, eye bags...I'm gonna go cry now.

My final thoughts on the app: I like it. I kind of stopped wearing makeup and this makes me want to start wearing it again. The app doesn't have a whole lot of goth styles, but it's also made me experiment with natural looks on myself. It's pretty fun to goof around with, and I could see having a lot of fun with this on tumblr.

I don't think any of my readers have body-image issues, but if you do because you're comparing yourself to people you see on fashion blogs or tumblr, you'll never meet those standards of beauty because it's literally impossible. Especially if you can now pretty much seamlessly go from old hag to supermodel in about 30 seconds. And the technology's only going to get better. 

Anyone else seeing use of makeup apps with their followers?


  1. It looks fun, I'll definitely try it sometime to check some looks on myself.

  2. I use Photoshop to lessen the appearance of my facial scar (which hopefully I'll get removed/fixed this year). I just hate when people ask me about it, it's a little one above my lip. Although this makeup app looks silly and fun, it's sad and really creepy that girls feel compelled to use these things instead of just being themselves. I've seen these freaky big doll eyed girl pictures every where on Pinterest. You can essentially achieve flawless looking skin with a bit of foundation and good lighting when taking pictures, which I think is easier to do than trying to fix it up in Photoshop (and so many girls bomb when it comes to Photoshop lol). But widening eyes and narrowing noses and shifting eyebrows... It's just all too much. I wonder how these girls must feel about themselves. : /

    1. yeah there's been some funny photoshopping. I've used photoshop to correct lens distortion and colors and stuff (back in the early days of this blog, when I cared more about outfit posts) and I'd correct bad makeup too since I was already in the program. I don't have a problem with the "dolls"--clearly it's just editorializing

  3. That pic of the living dolls is quite creepy actually. :D I loved this post, since it examines the technological advances and also beauty standards. I've never used those apps but thanks to this post, I want to play with one too! ^___^

  4. It looks like a lot of fun. I have not used Photoshop since 2001 so i am out of date too lol

  5. It looks like SUCH a fun app!
    x Angela /

  6. eww, I hate it, it looks unnatural and will lower anyone´s body image. just look like yourself, it´s the best you have and will ever have.

  7. oooh i actually like the decent cat eye editings :-O

  8. I'm surprised how good the app seems to be I doubt I would ever bother with it though- I rarely bother to wear makeup unless it's a special occasion or for a photo- and yes, this is easier, but I like the artistic feel I have when painting my face.
    I love anime and the style - but as an art style for a cartoon or drawing. I think it looks stupid to try and achieve the same look with human beings.