Thursday, January 14, 2016

Courtney Love X Nasty Gal

So, on 1/18, Courtney Love's line with Nasty Gal launches. There haven't been a lot of leaks on what the items will be (all I found was one ones below, which I stole from Vogue), but it promises to be a bunch of 90s throwbacks. She's a little late imo, as I've been seeing the 90s babydoll dresses errrywhere.

Seriously though, Courtney Love was awesome. And a badass. I remember a Spin magazine article mentioning her throwing a used tampon at the crowd. lol. She's a badass who contrasted her personality with girly dresses. She started the whole "kinderwhore" look, and of course there are a few of these, because otherwise what's the point??

So here's what's known of the collection so far:
A gothy crop top--honestly I don't think she ever dressed goth $78 USD

a sheer onesie? It kind of looks too loose to be worn under things. I'd like to see this on a model before I judge it too harshly. $108

ok I remember peasant tops like this. They're calling this a dress. seems way too short. It kind of reminds me of a bodyline cut+sew $128

ok, so this kimono is amaaaazing. $188 worth of cool? I don't know. 
promo pic from huffington post
Final thoughts: It kind of seems more lolita than grunge, which seems to have been intentional. It's polished and neat, which Courtney Love isn't. I loved how messy and sloppy she always looked, and I feel like that should have made it into the collection. But that aspect is gone from this decade's interpretation of grunge. She mentioned that she wanted to update her 90s grunge look for today's buyers, and I could see how that's done here.

What do you think?


  1. Nah, it's definitely not Courtney Love - ish, but I kinda like the leaked pieces, especially that kimono.

  2. still love the clothes, but I wonder how many of Courtney´s fans could afford the prices. I think her thing in the 90s did not include horrendously expensive thrift store cloths. damn you fashion industry

  3. I agree, this new grunge thing is a lot more polished-looking, and no offence to anyone, more manufactured. More like a costume than a state of being. You can't force it i suppose. There are some cool pieces there but they are all pretty expensive for what they are.

  4. You're right, there are lolita vibes all over those little dresses! :) That kimono is my favorite too, but a bit too expensive.

  5. Argh, I typed a whole comment last night and the phone ate it. I see what you mean about the Lolita vibe if they were worn as blouses, not as tiiiiny dresses like they seem to assume you will wear them as. I think I might wear some of them as tops, but even a shortie like me, those are too short to be dresses. I guess that's the whole grunge/ kinder whore thing though.

  6. Have to agree on the kimono, pretty but thats a lot of money! would have thought the collection would look completely different somehow...

  7. I was waiting for the kimono to be available at Nasty Girl, but when I saw the price, which will include shipping and custom taxes, I had to forget about it. It's dammed cute but totally overpriced just because of the name.